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Custom CD® Couplings, Overhung Load Adaptors & More For Your Materials Handling Applications

Material handling applications rely on robust and durable components that hold up to punishing service from high loads and repetitive operations.  Some applications also require machinery to operate with high repeatability, reliability, accurate component alignment, and proper weight distribution among other essential capabilities. Zero-Max industrial motion control solutions are designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet these specific application needs. We offer standard and custom solutions that prioritize robustness, reliability, and precision for material handling processes of all sizes.
Zero-Max’s in-house design and application engineers can address synchronization, misalignment, mounting/dimensional challenges and any additional concerns while improving the functionality and performance of your machinery. Our selection of Composite Disc (CD®) Couplings and Overhung Load Adaptors (OHLA®) can be customized for any quantity and with fast turnaround times to meet any project requirement.  We have been successfully used for decades on materials handling machinery and assembly lines in a variety of industrial applications including packaging, automated storage/retrieval, palletizing, conveying, pick-n-place, and many more.

Zero-Max is your trusted source for high-precision industrial motion control components. Contact us to learn more about using our robust, precision-engineered solutions for your application or check out our technical resources for more information.

Standard CD Couplings, OHLAs For Materials Handling

We offer an extensive selection of quality products that can be used in packaging, assembly, forklift, AGV, pallet and machinery-moving applications. We offer flexible shaft couplings, including Composite Disc Couplings, ServoClass® Couplings and Overhung Load Adaptors. Our solutions provide the highest durability and precision available for 24/7 operation in even the harshest environments.

High Performance Shaft Couplings For Materials Handlings

Zero-Max Flexible Shaft Couplings are field-proven to support consistent high-volume output and to prevent premature equipment failure in materials handling operations.  Zero-Max’s high performance shaft couplings offer zero-backlash operation and compensate for parallel, angular, and axial misalignment between drive components. Some of our most popular Flexible Shaft Couplings include:
  • CD Couplings: Offer High Reliability, high torsional stiffness, and zero backlash. They are ideal for high torque applications, and heavy-duty operations that require repetitive reversing, stopping, indexing, and high cycle rates without fatiguing. CD Couplings can hold up to cyclical applications where speed and repeatable accuracy are critical for keeping material handling systems operating.
  • ServoClass Couplings: Are compatible with many servo motor driven machines. They are ideal for applications utilizing high-speed actuators or requiring mechanical synchronizing between two actuators. ServoClass Couplings feature Zero backlash and low hysteresis to ensure repeatable, precise positioning.
  • Control-Flex Couplings: Are highly-flexible couplings ideal for encoders, tachometers, and other feedback devices.

OHLAs, Keyless Shaft Bushings & Power Transmission Material Handling Components

Overhung Load Adaptors

Zero-Max Overhung Load Adaptors are field-proven for use on belt/chain drives, fan drives, recycling equipment, mixer units, industrial conveyor drives, and various other hydraulic motor driven applications. OHLAs increase system life by removing both radial and axial loads from hydraulic motors and pumps, and by providing a contamination barrier for pumps/motors in harsh environments.  From the smallest Model 200 SAE “A” mount to the largest Model 1500 SAE “F” mount, our overhung load adaptors are designed for reliable operation and long life.

Keyless Shaft Bushings

Keyless Shaft Bushings use surface pressure to lock and maintain position of shaft mounted components on an assembly or conveyor system.  These locking devices make mounting components easier, faster, and more precise. Our single screw actuation units can especially be tightened and repositioned many times and with minimal downtime. Featured products include:
  • ETP keyless shaft bushings: Use internal, self-contained hydraulic pressure to provide ultra-fast locking, maintain position and extreme concentricity, and provide a zero-backlash connection.  
  • Posi-Lok bushings: Use a mechanical method to lock shaft components onto a shaft and provide high torque transmission, as well as zero backlash for improved performance.

Power Transmission Products

Our Torq-Tender® overload safety devices provide torque overload protection for your materials handling applications.  They protect from jam-ups on equipment, seizing bearings, etc.  They can be configured to fit a variety of mounting requirements, for use as a combination torque limiter/coupling, or as a power take-off device to support sprockets/pulleys whether needing through-shaft or a shaft-end installation.  Actuating Pin or Actuating Disc options are also available for automatic notification and shut-down in the event of an overload. 

Our H-TLC Torque Limiter has four (H-TLC-500) or six (H-TLC-1000) re-engagement positions to provide enhanced flexibility when protecting your materials handling machines. H-TLC can function as both an overload safety device and a coupling, or as a power-take off device to support sprockets/pulleys.  H-TLC Torque Limiters are popular for use in packaging machinery and printing applications.

We offer Crown Gear 90 Degree Gearboxes in 1:1 and 2:1 ratios in a wide range of shaft sizes and configurations to handle most applications.  Zero-Max also offers a full line of IP65-Rated right-angle gearboxes for applications that require protection against water and dirt ingress.  Our IP65-Rated solutions also come with a nickel-plated housing for corrosion resistance. We offer 2-way and 3-way Right-Angle Gearboxes featuring double sealed bearings to hold in lubrication and keep out dirt and other contaminants.

Custom CD Couplings, OHLAs For Materials Handling

Zero-Max has long specialized in unique customized solutions for any quantity – even for a single piece.  Customization options are available for specialized variations of our couplings, OHLAs and power transmission products. These robust components can be tailored for the dimensions, mounting, and/or performance of the unit to handle your application needs, while maintaining durability and precision in highly repeatable applications. Frequent customization options include:
  • Dimensional Fits
  • Higher Torque Requirements
  • Higher Load Capacity
  • Higher Misalignment Capacity
  • Mounting Changes
  • Plating For Demanding Environments
  • Custom Materials (Stainless-steel and Nickel-plated models available)

Custom CD Couplings & OHLA Product Offering

We can design your custom CD Coupling in single flex or double flex configurations or as a floating shaft to handle large spacing between drive and driven load components. The design possibilities are almost limitless with our coupling products, from unique bore sizes or mounting capabilities to custom couplings with higher torque capacity and torsional stiffness.

Request modification or customization of any Overhung Load Adaptor in our product line. Custom OHLAs utilize our field-proven robust design that protects equipment from radial and axial loads while sealing out contaminants. The option of 2-bolt or 4-bolt SAE mounting or non-SAE mounting also comes standard.

Keyless Shaft Bushings & Power Transmission Customization Options

Our 90 degree gearboxes can be fitted with special shafts (longer, shorter, splined shafts, threaded shafts, or other shaft modifications) and/or with housing modifications (special mounting patterns, plating, or other housing modifications). Zero-Max can also offer special Overload Safety Coupling designs with a single re-engagement point for applications that must support a synchronous phase relationship.

Contact Zero-Max for Materials Handling Motion Control Components

Zero-Max is your trusted source for custom power transmission products for high-performance materials handling applications. Request a quote or contact us to learn more about our standard or custom solutions today.

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