You want to use Zero-Max Composite Disc Couplings

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    The perfect combination of precise design, high quality materials,

    and manufacturing efficiency.

    In other words: Great Couplings at a Great Price

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  • ZERO-MAX Schmidt Couplings

    Designed for systems that need to connect offset shafts while

    maintaining precise phase relationship.

    This design is compact and efficent!

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  • Zero-Max Wind Couplings are specified by leading OEM's

    for being able to withstand nature's extremes

    We also have couplings available for the aftermarket for turbine

    owners who what the best couplings to put into their drive line.

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  • ETP Shaft Locking Bushings

    .Install in seconds

    .Super high concentricity

    .Can be dismounted and remounted many times

    .Best in class!

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  • Zero-Max OHLA

    (Over Hung Load Adaptor)

    .Solid and Robust

    .Greatly prolongs the functional life of the

    Hydraulic Motor or Pump

    .Provided a solid mounting surface

    .Virtual eliminates motor or pump shaft

    seal failures

    .Standard and Custom designs

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Zero-Max is here to help.
As an essential business we remain open and are running at full capacity.

Innovative Motion Control Products

For nearly 70-years, Zero-Max, Inc. has created innovative motion and control technologies such as servo-rated shaft couplings, adjustable speed drives and keyless shaft bushings. We have an international reputation for innovative designs that provide the quality, durability and performance required for demanding applications. Our high precision engineered solutions are used in automation machines world-wide including packaging, printing, CNC machine tools, wind turbines, forestry and construction equipment, servo