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ETP-CLASSIC® Stainless Steel Keyless Shaft Bushings

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Keyless shaft locking bushings easily attach hub components to shafts without the need for a keyway or key, while helping reduce wear on the mating components. They offer precise mounting and are ideal for rotational or axial load applications were frequent readjustment are required. ETP-Classic Stainless-Steel keyless shaft bushings have the same features as the standard ETP-CLASSIC but with their construction have slightly lower transmittable torque. These keyless locking devices feature all stainless-steel components including clamping screws, pressure flange, piston, and double walled sleeve.



ETP-CLASSIC Stainless-Steel Keyless Locking Device Features

ETP-CLASSIC stainless-steel keyless shaft bushings remove and install quickly and precisely with very low runout. In some applications, they install in as little as a few seconds. Additional features include:
  • Reusable hundreds or thousands of times
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Has only 4 to 9 actuation screws depending on size
  • Lower cost version than the ETP-Express® while still having high precision
  • Operates on built-in hydraulics
  • Handles temperatures ranging from -22°F to +185°F

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