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ServoClass Single Flex Couplings

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  • For high performance servo motor and demanding motion control applications
  • High torsional stiffness for use in precision positioning applications
  • Eco-Friendly, adapted to RoHS Directive with no banned substances
  • Low inertia for high speed applications
  • Zero backlash and low hysteresis ensures repeatable precise positioning

Zero-Max has earned a reputation as an industry-leading innovator of industrial motion control products, including high precision shaft couplingsright angle gear driveskeyless shaft bushings, and other power transmission and motion control components. We supply OEMs and engineers with ISO 9001:2015 Certified components for mission-critical applications. Our skilled engineers have extensive customization capabilities and resources—no application is too small, unique or demanding. From heavy machinery to detailed computer chip manufacturing equipment, we are confident that we have a tailored solution to meet your requirements.

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