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Custom Motion Control Products

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Every motion control and power transmission application present different challenges.  Sometimes a standard product is the right answer. However, there are cases where minor or significant design changes are necessary to maximize mechanical performance and meet application requirements.

Customization can range from modifying a single technical spec on a proven design to designing a full custom motion control product from scratch. These are typical situations where you could benefit from a custom motion control product:
  • The standard performance specs meet your requirements, but you need non-standard dimensions or require a specific mounting.
  • You find a stock product with the correct dimensions but the performance specs don’t quite meet the requirements for your specific application.
  • An application requires specific materials to handle corrosive environments, rugged applications, heat, vibration, and other environmental elements.
  • You need someone to engineer an exact replacement for an obsolete or difficult to get part.

Custom Motion Control Product Design and Manufacturing

Getting the right custom motion control product design for your application starts with a conversation. Our engineers listen to your request and needs, then work with you to develop a solution specific to your application. Starting with one of our field-proven motion control product designs, a Zero-Max engineer will work with you to modify the product to your specifications. There is no need to provide a drawing upfront or have an answer to your solution.
  • Engineering expertise: Work with an engineering team that has designed custom motion control products for thousands of applications.
  • Vertically integrated: One team oversees your product’s design, manufacturing, and quality assurance.
  • Modern processes: Using the best and latest in equipment and software ensures the highest quality products.
  • Practical and cost-effective solutions: Work with engineers that give you practical advice and work with you to provide best-in-class solutions at a fair price. 
  • Fast turnaround: In-house design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities make turnaround times fast without sacrificing quality.
  • Only what you need:  Zero-Max does not have a minimum quantity for a custom design.  We often build solutions for just one or a few pieces.  We also have experience supplying hundreds or thousands of pieces of a custom design.

Custom Couplings

Our patented composite disc-pack design handles large misalignment and strenuous applications. Choose from over 100 standard models and sizes to modify to your specifications. Design your custom coupling in single or double flex disc configurations or a floating shaft to handle large spacing between drive and load components. The design possibilities are almost limitless with our coupling products, from unique bore sizes or mounting capabilities to designing a custom coupling with higher torque capacity and torsional stiffness.

Custom Overhung Load Adapters

Request modification or customization of any overhung load adaptor in our product line. Custom overhung load adaptors utilize our field-proven robust design that protects equipment from overload while sealing out contaminants. The option of 2-bolt or 4-bolt SAE mounting or non-SAE mounting also comes standard. Virtually any input or output is possible.  Modify any design with face seals, NPT ports, nickel plating, adaptor plates, special material, or other overhung load adaptor features.  

Custom Power Transmission Products

Whether you’re looking for a customized gearbox, adjustable speed drive, torque limiter, overload safety device, or phase adjusting hub, custom power transmission products from Zero-Max are manufactured to your project’s specifications. Our engineers have the experience, knowledge and skill to manufacture a custom precision power transmission product that can handle unique requirements, rugged applications, heat, vibration, and other volatile conditions.

Speak with An Engineer About Your Power Transmission Needs

Zero-Max has over 70 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom motion control products. Optimize your mechanical design with our precision-engineered solutions. Contact us to discuss your application and customization needs.