Innovative Solutions to Wind Turbine Applications

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Flexible Composite Disc Couplings

Advanced and patented all-in-one technological solution for wind turbine drivetrains with capacities up to 5MW.
  • Suitable for Turbines both Onshore and Offshore
  • Robust Torque Capacity with current designs capable of handling up to 200,000Nm
  • Intelligent design to minimize reaction loads while providing the required torsional stiffness value to suite the drivetrain requirements
  • High misalignment capability
  • Extreme Fatigue endurance in a light weight package
  • Designed and Engineered to perform in new OEM turbines or existing drivetrain applications
  • Proven to perform with no maintenance for 20 plus years
  • Easy to install either on the production floor or in the cramped Up Tower environment
  • Electrical Isolation properties capable of nullifying current leak from the Generator into the Gearbox through the use of 2 Flexible Composite Discs
  • All components meet or exceed a C4 High Corrosion Resistance Standard


Protects wind turbines against peak loads, reverse torques and grid shorts. Established designs for slip torque values ranging from 4,000 to 50,000Nm.
  • Designed to protect both the gearbox and generator from extreme torque and damage
  • Generator shaft mounted to avoid resonance concerns and installation difficulties
  • Proven and tested to 5,600 torque events of 30°
  • Operation of the device occurs internally and requires no readjusting or maintenance
  • Automatic re-engagement no manual intervention to reset after slip event
  • Bi-directional functionality – no limitations
  • Wide temperature range -40° to 80°C
  • Engineered to function in unison with the Zero-Max
Composite Disc Coupling whereby protecting and serving all drivetrain requirements. Making it by far the most reliable solution in the Wind Industry.