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600 Series - Zero Max Overhung Load Adaptor

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Our model 600-series SAE "B" Overhung Load Adaptors (OHLA®) are designed for heavy-duty applications and are available in a number of configurations.  Special bearing and/or shaft configurations are also available.  Contact Zero-Max for assistance in OHLA selection.
All our standard 600-series SAE "B" OHLAs provide the following features:
  • Accepts speeds up to 2300 RPM with proper lubrication (contact factory for higher speeds)
  • Heavy-duty tapered roller bearings
  • Input bore options: 13-Tooth 16/32 or 15-Tooth 16/32 spline
  • 2-bolt or 4-bolt mounting
  • Custom Configurations available
Our in-stock standard load adaptors are available for immediate shipment. Contact the factory to discuss our extensive customization options.

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Benefits of the 600-Series Overhung Load Adaptors

The 600-Series is field-proven to solve radial and axial load issues and increase system lifespan.  Special configurations are available with no minimum order quantity.  All Zero-Max Overhung Load Adaptors are designed for shaft horizontal mounting and use standard grease lubrication.  Contact factory for vertical mounting.  600-Series SAE B OHLAs offer:
  • SAE B - 2-bolt and 4-bolt mounting
  • May be either Face-mounted or Foot-mounted
  • Provides a sturdy mounting base for the motor or pump
  • Supports radial and axial loads in extreme conditions
  • Protects pump or motor shaft seal from harmful contaminants
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance costs with reliable operation

Order Standard & Custom SAE B 600-Series Overhung Load Adaptors from Zero-Max

Request a quote for any of our overhung load adaptor options listed below or contact us to discuss your custom requirements.