SAE F Mount Overhung Load Adaptors

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SAE F Overhung Load Adaptors (OHLA®) feature pilot diameters and bolt patterns that meet SAE F sizing specifications for motors and pumps. OHLAs provide a sturdy mounting base to support heavy radial and axial loads and help reduce internal and external stress on components to reduce premature wear. SAE F mount overhung load adaptors are designed for face or foot mounting and help prevent shaft breakdown that result in costly mechanical issues.

SAE F Overhung Load Adaptors for Supporting Heavy Axial and Radial Loads

Zero-Max is a leading manufacturer of overhung load adaptors that meet SAE sizing specifications for hydraulic motor applications. Our SAE F OHLAs feature a 4-bolt mount and spherical roller bearings to support extra heavy-duty loads.

The physical size for the SAE “E” and SAE “F” mount is the same, but the pilot diameter and bolt circle are different for motor or pump mounting. The SAE F Mount OHLA features a 7” input pilot diameter with input bores up to a 2-1/2" diameter, depending on customer specifications. 

Other features and specifications for SAE F mount overhung load adaptors include:

  • Spline input bores available

  • Available in up to 3 1/2" diameter output shaft
  • Special input and outputs available
  • Features heavy-duty, spherical roller bearings
  • Accepts speeds up to 1500 RPM with proper lubrication (contact factory for higher speeds)

Model 1500 SAE F Mount Overhung Load Adaptors for Hydraulic Systems

SAE F mount overhung load adaptors from Zero-Max are designed for horizontal shaft mounting and accept up to 1500 RPM without modification. They are constructed from cast iron housings with 1144 stress proof shafts and use a standard grease lubrication method. Output shaft and input bore keyways for SAE F OHLAs are sized based on customer specifications.
Performance considerations for selecting an OHLA include:
  • Speed (RPM) requirements
  • Mounting orientation
  • Overhung load specifications
  • Operating environment
  • Type and strength of shaft connections

Contact Us for SAE F Overhung Load Adaptors

We provide SAE F mount and other overhung load adaptor options in a range of pilot diameters with 2-bolt and 4-bolt mounting options. Request a quote for an in-stock SAE F mount OHLA or contact us to learn more about customization options