ETP-HYDROPRESS® Keyless Shaft Bushings

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ETP® keyless bushings are the perfect locking devices for shaft-to-hub connections. Keyless connections are ideal for positioning and locking shaft components in a system and are a better solution than keyways and tapers that weaken or cause excess wear to shaft couplings. The ETP-HYDROPRESS® is a hydraulic joint which consists of a double-walled steel sleeve that expands to create a locking connection between shaft-to-hub connections. It features a flange design that is accessed by a grease pump for precise mounting of large components.
Zero-Max offers a wide selection of high precision keyless shaft bushings and other components for motion control applications. Request a quote for ETP-HYDROPRESS keyless shaft bushings or contact us to learn more about our other keyless locking device options.

ETP-HYDROPRESS Keyless Shaft Bushing Features

ETP-HYDROPRESS keyless locking devices offer transmittable torque ranging from 2,139 to 19,913 ft-lb., depending on model selected. A hydraulic grease pump is all that is required for mounting. Additional features include:
  • Variable transmittable torque or axial force by changing the mounting pressure
  • Easy mounting/unmounting of large components in tight spaces
  • Quick mounting. Only a grease pump is necessary for mounting
  • Radial and axial connection is possible
  • Fine adjustments of the hub can be made when mounting
  • Good concentricity even after several mountings

Request a Quote for ETP-HYDROPRESS Keyless Shaft Bushings

ETP keyless shaft bushings are offered in several models to meet your application requirements. Request a quote today or contact Zero-Max for assistance finding a keyless locking device that meets your needs.