Composite Disc Couplings

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Composite disc couplings (CD® Couplings) feature a robust composite disc pack that provides precise power transmission, superior shock and vibration absorption, and reduces reaction loads between a drive shaft and load shaft connection.  CD Couplings accommodate high speeds, large shaft misalignment, and eliminate fatigue and fretting often seen in metal disc couplings. These flexible shaft couplings allow machines to maximize output and performance in demanding applications.
Different types of couplings handle varying degrees and types of misalignment. For example, a single-flex composite disc coupling is more compact than a double-flex composite disc coupling but has a lower misalignment capacity. Floating shaft couplings can be used to span a large distance between shaft ends.  Primary considerations in selecting flexible shaft couplings include maximum torque and RPM, misalignment capabilities, shaft sizes, motion profile, and any space considerations.

High Speed Flexible Couplings

Zero-Max’s composite disc couplings are precise, robust solutions for today’s most demanding high-speed servomotor and motion control applications. We offer single-flex configuration, double-flex configuration, and floating shaft configuration composite disc couplings in many sizes for every application. Our RoHS-compliant composite disc couplings provide:
  • High torsional stiffness and high dynamic load capacity, ensuring reliable machine operation
  • Precise positioning under high speed reversing loads without fatigue, for reliable 24/7 operation
  • A unique design for superior misalignment capacity and long operational life
  • Superior shaft engagement via a clamp style hub design 


Innovative Composite Disc Coupling Technology

Our next-generation composite disc couplings allow users to transmit high horsepower in a small envelope. These high-speed flexible shaft couplings are ideal for cyclic applications where speed and repeatable accuracy are critical for keeping systems going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Zero-Max composite disc couplings are rugged enough to withstand the punishment and stress of servomotor applications. Other brands of couplings may have high torsional stiffness specifications; however, they can be too brittle to withstand the punishment of high-speed reversing applications, especially where misalignment is present.
The working part of our Composite disc couplings is made of high precision composite material. This unique design has high torsional stiffness, yet allows for misalignment in high-stress applications. Zero-Max composite disc couplings have excellent chemical and moisture resistance and can operate maintenance-free in hostile environments.

Custom Composite Disc Couplings for High-Performance Applications

Standard and custom composite disc couplings are available for every application. Do you need higher misalignment and greater torque capacity in your coupling? Need more flexibility and torsional stiffness? Need a composite disc coupling with a huge bore diameter? Or a long spacer coupling?
Zero-Max offers standard composite disc couplings in a full range of styles, configurations, and sizes to meet those needs. We can also design and manufacture a custom flexible shaft coupling to handle your unique application and performance specifications.
Find your local sales representative to order the composite disc coupling you need, or contact Zero-Max to discuss your custom requirements.

Features & Benefits of Zero-Max Composite Disc Couplings

Composite disc couplings are available in single-discdouble-discfloating shaft, and custom models and provide the following features and benefits:
  • Zero backlash operation: required for reversing loads and precision applications
  • High torsional stiffness: excellent for precision applications looking to maximize machine output
  • Maintenance free: no lubrication required
  • Compact design: does not require a large space between shaft ends
  • Longer life than metal disc couplings: designed and rated for infinite fatigue life; no disc failures due to fretting
  • Broad operational temperature range: -70° to 250°F (-57° to 121°C)
  • Unitized disc pack: no loose bushings or discs for easy replacement
  • Laser cut discs: precision cutting process can be modified for specialized and custom designs that require higher torque, torsional stiffness, or misalignment capabilities
  • Disc material exhibits excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulating properties
  • Black oxide coatings on steel hubs and black anodizing on aluminum hubs inhibit corrosion in normal industrial atmospheres.  Nickel plated and stainless steel models also available.
  • Precision bore in disc bushings allows for a tight fit between shoulder bolt and bushings, keeping the assembly concentric and ensuring smooth high-speed operation
  • Precision machined hubs provide further concentricity for quiet operation
  • RoHS compliant: manufactured from RoHS-compliant materials and contain no banned substances

High Speed Flexible Shaft Couplings Have Exceptional Misalignment Capabilities

Zero-Max single-flex composite disc couplings can accommodate limited parallel misalignment, providing an effective solution in applications where most competitors would have to quote a double flex coupling. Our double-flex composite disc couplings can accommodate very high misalignment, providing double the misalignment capacity of some metal disc couplings.

Applications for Composite Disc Couplings

Zero-Max composite disc couplings are ideal for high precision applications including packaging machines, pick and place systems, printing machinerymachine tools and most systems using servo motors. Our composite disc couplings have been used in:
  • Dynamometers with 4,000 in-lbs. of continuous torque and 8,000 in-lbs. of peak torque at 2,500 RPM on a 57” DBSE
  • Servo-driven print rolls requiring up to 542,000 in-lbs./degree of torsional stiffness; coupling yields 0.0034” circumferential windup on 21” diameter print roll at 1,150 Nm rated torque
  • Servo-driven die-cut and anvil rolls with special adaptors to accommodate a flanged output gearbox; composite disc coupling rated for high torsional stiffness
  • Cut-off wheels for cutting lead strips in lead-acid battery manufacturing; requires heavy acceleration/deceleration due to electronic cam action
  • Industrial parts washers, where the floating shaft coupling design allows motors to be remotely mounted away from wash/spray conditions; nickel plating and stainless steel hardware provide corrosion resistance
  • Dough mixers for commercial baking as replacements for grid-style couplings which could not withstand the stresses of the mixing process
  • and countless other demanding applications

Contact Us for High-Performance Flexible Couplings

Zero-Max is the leader in composite disc coupling technology. Follow the links below for more information on our single-flex, double-flex, and floating shaft CD Couplings, or view our complete product catalogs for additional information and specifications.
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