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Double-Flex Composite Disc Couplings

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Double-flex Composite Disc Couplings (CD® Couplings) offer high precision, performance, and durability in demanding servo motor applications.  The double-flex design handles a higher degree of shaft misalignment than single-flex couplers while still offering the high torsional stiffness required for smooth, accurate operation. These maintenance-free flexible shaft couplings are an excellent option for reversing loads and provide zero backlash operation to maximize machine output while eliminating fatigue and premature wear.
Zero-Max offers double-flex composite disc couplings in several styles to meet a broad range of motion control requirements. Options include double-flex clamp style and double-flex set screw style couplers with steel or aluminum hubs. We have a fast turnaround and have custom offerings made to your specifications.  Contact us to learn more!

Selecting the Right Composite Disc Double Flex Coupling…

Clamp Style vs. Set Screw Double Flex Couplings. Which Should I Choose?

Clamping hubs are the preferred method for connecting a coupling to a shaft as they offer several advantages.  They can simplify installation, do not damage the shaft they are attached to, and engage the entire shaft circumference to offer more holding power.  Zero-Max offers clamp style hubs with or without keyways, depending on preference and application.  Clamp style double-flex CD Couplings are available in steel or aluminum.  Special materials and plating are also available upon request.

Set screws are the “traditional” way of connecting a coupling to a shaft. These require a keyway on the shaft and in the hub, so a key can be used to transmit power. Set-Screw style double-flex CD Couplings are available in steel and both special materials and plating are also available upon request.

Zero-Max also offers a series of QD (quick disconnect) bushing style hubs that allow for quick and easy mounting of a double-flex CD Coupling with use of a standard QD bushing (sold separately).  Additionally, any of our double-flex Composite Disc Coupling hubs can be customized for your application and performance requirements. This includes use of shrink discs, integrated clamping hubs, flange mount hubs, and more.  

Benefits of Steel vs. Aluminum CD Couplings

When deciding between steel or aluminum, material choice comes down to preference and the application’s requirements for strength, weight, inertia, etc. Steel is the most used material as it exhibits higher strength and density than aluminum. All our steel CD Couplings have a black oxide coating, standard.  Aluminum CD Couplings are significantly lower in weight than the same size steel coupling and offer better corrosion resistance. These characteristics are ideal for wet and washdown operating environments, or servo motor applications requiring a lightweight, low inertia solution.  All our aluminum CD Couplings have a black anodized coating, standard.

What About Custom Double Flex CD Couplings?

Some users have specific requirements for bore diameter, torque capacity, torsional stiffness, misalignment capacity, mounting, and other factors. If you do not find a stock option that meets your specifications, we offer custom-tailored double disc CD Couplings to meet your application and performance needs. Read our case study to see how custom couplings helped one of our clients solve a unique challenge.
Improve Performance with Double Flex Composite Disc Couplings

Since 1989, Zero-Max has been a leading innovator in double-flex composite disc coupling designs. We provide high-performance solutions for all motion transfer applications.  See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.
Find your local sales representativerequest a quote, or contact Zero-Max today for double-flex composite disc couplings.