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Schmidt Kupplung GmbH Shaft Couplings

Schmidt Kupplung GmbH specializes in the manufacturing of compact coupling systems for diverse industrial applications worldwide. For over 40 years, the company has been developing their high performance shaft couplings for optimal balance, easy installation, and precision. The compact design and modular construction of the coupling allows for the optimization of torque transmission and radial offset capacity.

Dedication to Dependability & Quality

Schmidt Kupplung GmbH has built a reputation of reliability and dependability in terms of their products and services. Efficient production, continuous improvements, and attention to quality have ensured customer trust in this company for over 40 years.

Typical applications for Schmidt Kupplung GmbH shaft couplings include:

  • Roll Forming Machines
  • Paper Making Machines
  • Laminating Machines
  • Printing Machines

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