Posi-Lok Bushings

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Posi-Lok® mechanical corrosion protected connection. Posi-Lok bushing is designed to provide excellent axial and radial runout in a broad range of shaft mount applications. It features mechanical locking wedge design with nickel plated corrosion protection. Posi-Lok® Bushings are made from stainless steel upon request. Please contact us today for more information.


Mechanical locking wedge achieves high transmission of torque.


Tightening of actuation bolts draws two opposing conical tapers up against their mutual contact surfaces forcing the inner and outer wall to expand against the shaft and hub fastening components to the shaft.

  • Provides solid connection between the shaft and mounted device. Simple, friction grip design does not require use of keyways.
  • Nickel plated finish provides protection from incidental contact with salts, water, solvents and corrosion.
  • Socket-head cap screws tighten quickly and easily.
  • Excellent axial and radial runout.


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