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ETP® Keyless Shaft Bushings

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ETP keyless bushings are shaft locking devices used to create precise shaft-to-hub connections in high-demanding applications. They are ideal for positioning and locking shaft components in a system, and provide the best alternative to keyways and tapers, which can weaken or cause excess wear to shaft couplings.
Keyless shaft bushings enable fast, precision mounting of shaft components, providing solutions in the following situations:

  • Where frequent readjustment is required, either rotationally or axially, such as during machine changeover
  • In systems where balance and runout are inherent problems
  • When repeated fastening, adjusting, and holding of shaft components is required
  • Where downtime is critical and costly
  • Where precise mounting location is critical

For more information on our ultra-low runout, ETP keyless shaft bushings, contact us or find your local sales representative.

ETP Keyless Shaft Bushings Provide Secure Hub-to-Shaft Connections

Zero-Max ETP keyless locking devices are designed to solve specific application requirements, such as phasing and timing to synchronize machine components. ETP keyless bushings feature double-walled sleeves and tightening mechanisms that form solid, continuous connections between shafts and hubs when tightened.
The hydraulic design of ETP locking bushings is based on Pascal’s Law: “A liquid confined to a vessel which is subjected to pressure distributes the pressure uniformly upon the walls of the vessel.” This uniform distribution of pressure assures no axial movement during mounting and a high level of concentricity (low runout).
All ETP keyless shaft bushings slide easily onto shafts to quickly and securely lock motion control components into position. Disassembly of the shaft-to-hub connection is equally fast. Our ETP-Classic® and ETP-Express® keyless bushings are available in stainless steel for corrosion protection, washdown conditions, and use in food grade applications. See specific model information below for complete details.

ETP Keyless Bushings Features & Benefits

  • Mount or dismount in seconds for reduced assembly time
  • Minimize downtime for field service
  • Very few mounting screws, with low tightening torque
  • Select models are available with single-screw actuation systems to quickly and accurately mount components
  • No special tools required
  • Fast changeovers
  • Zero backlash for improved performance; does not add component backlash to the system
  • Superior concentricity; requires little to no readjustment of mounted components after installation
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Low profile dimensions; minimizes the hub diameter
  • Can be mounted and dismounted repeatedly, reducing the cost of replacement components
  • No keyway required; ETP keyless bushings can be mounted on a keyless shaft, thereby reducing machining costs
  • Stainless steel models available for food/beverage, pharmaceutical, and frequent wash-down applications

Our ETP Shaft Bushings Have a Proven Design and Are Easy to Use

ETP keyless bushings are easy to use and provide a secure shaft-to-hub connection. Select from one of the various models listed below or contact us to learn more about our shaft bushings, flexible shaft couplings and other motion control products.

ETP-Classic Keyless Shaft Bushings
The ETP-Classic Series is comprised of a double-walled hardened steel sleeve filled with a specially designed pressure medium. When the ETP-Classic’s clamping screws are tightened, the sleeves expand uniformly against hub and shaft to create a precise and rigid connection.

ETP-Classic R Stainless-Steel Keyless Shaft Bushings
Built with all stainless-steel components, these ETP-Classic R locking bushings are ideal for food processing and pharmaceutical applications, as well as those requiring frequent washdown. Stainless steel models function in the same way as the standard ETP-Classic.

ETP-Express Keyless Shaft Bushings
Featuring a hydraulic design similar to the Classic Series, ETP-Express keyless bushings utilize a single actuation screw for pressurization, allowing for the fastest installation or repositioning of any of our locking bushings. Because the screw is tightened from the radial direction, no shaft space is used for mounting tools—other components can be mounted along the shaft, all the way up to the flange. 

ETP-Express R Stainless Steel Keyless Shaft Bushings
With all exposed components manufactured from stainless-steel and a food-grade pressure medium, these ETP-Express R keyless bushings are ideal for food and beverage applications. The stainless-steel models feature the same single-screw actuation as standard ETP-Express keyless bushings for the fastest possible installation.

ETP-Techno® Keyless Shaft Bushings
The ETP-Techno Series are our highest precision keyless bushings. Designed for ultra-high concentricity in applications that require frequent mounting/dismounting or adjustments, these locking bushings have a runout accuracy of 0.0002” TIR or less. All ETP-Techno models operate on a self-contained hydraulic system that is activated via a single actuation screw for extremely fast installation or re-adjustment. 

ETP-Power® Keyless Shaft Bushings
Comprised of a double-walled steel sleeve filled with specialty pressure fluid, ETP-Power locking bushings use a single actuation screw in the flange to pressurize and maintain pressure and position of the bushing. Two counterbored holes in the flange can be used to retain the bushing to the hub when not pressurized.  Read this article from one of our distributors about the benefits of our ETP-Power keyless shaft bushings.

ETP-Hyloc® Keyless Shaft Bushings
ETP-Hyloc bushings are hydro-mechanical connections that consist of a double-walled steel sleeve enclosing a tapered moveable piston. An external hydraulic pump is required for mounting and dismounting. Pressure from the pump moves the piston, expanding the sleeve uniformly against the hub and shaft to provide a secure connection. Multiple ports in the flange allow for radial or axial connection to the pump. 

ETP-Hydropress® Keyless Shaft Bushings
Users can vary the transmittable torque or axial force of ETP-Hydropress keyless shaft bushings by changing the mounting pressure. They provide easy mounting/dismounting of large components in tight spaces. These locking bushings can be mounted quickly, using only a grease pump. They are designed for radial or axial connection, and fine adjustments can be made when mounting. 

Contact Us for High Performance ETP Keyless Bushings

Zero-Max ETP keyless shaft bushings use a hydraulic design to provide reliable shaft-to-hub connections without adding stresses or wear to mounted components. With numerous models and styles to choose from, we have the right solution for any application. Request a quote on ETP locking bushings or contact us for more information.

* ETP® trademarks are owned by ETP Transmission AB, Sweden.

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