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Control-Flex Shaft Couplings for Encoder Mechanisms

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Flexible Shaft Couplings transmit power between two shafts and accommodate misalignment between the shafts under various load conditions. Zero-Max’s Control-Flex Couplings are engineered to accommodate a variety of misalignments and load conditions commonly seen in encoder, tachometer, and other measurement devices. Our Control-Flex Shaft Couplings correct for shaft misalignments without influencing the results of encoder feedback. This can maintain encoder accuracy, reduce costly maintenance processes, and increase the encounter and system lifespan. Zero-Max offers clamp-style hubs for standard torque capacity and bolted-style couplings for higher torque capacity applications.
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Control-Flex Flexible Shaft Coupling Styles

Clamp Style Control-Flex Couplings

Clamp Style Control-Flex Couplings provide a positive, secure shaft connection. They consist of a clamping hub on each side of a center flex member that is affixed to the hubs through precise pins. Clamp-style control-flex couplings are available with a single flex disc for standard torque and high misalignment capacity or with two flex discs for increased torque capacity, torsional stiffness, and length.

Clamp Style Control-Flex Coupling Specifications

Double Disc Couplings:
  • Maximum parallel shaft misalignments of 0.009” to 0.037”
  • Maximum speed of 4,000 to 10,000 RPM
Single Disc Coupling
  • Maximum parallel shaft misalignments of 0.013” to 0.055”
  • Maximum speed of 5,000 to 12,000 RPM

Bolted Style Control-Flex Couplings

Bolted Style Control-Flex Couplings consist of a set-screw hub on each side of a center flex member affixed to the hubs through shoulder bolts for drop-out capability. Our bolted-style hubs incorporate a keyway and setscrew shaft attachment and high torque capacity.

Bolted Style Control-Flex Couplings

  • Maximum parallel shaft misalignments of 0.055” to 0.139”
  • Maximum speed of 2,500 to 6,300 RPM

Flexible Shaft Coupling Benefits

Zero-Max encoder shaft couplings are an innovative and reliable solution for increasing the life and maintaining the accuracy of your encoder mechanisms and other measurement devices. The high shaft misalignment capacity allows for improved setup and installation time. Our flexible shaft couplings feature very low reaction loads to improve the performance and life of your instrumentation. Both Control-Flex bolted style and clamp style couplings also feature an electrically insulating flex element for added protection from stray currents. Control-flex couplings are low in weight and inertia, and the zero-backlash design ensures there is no dead band in the feedback system.

Additional Flexible Shaft Coupling Features

The specific features of your control-flex coupling vary depending on the style and size of the coupling selected. Special modifications are available upon request. General Control-flex coupling advantages include:
  • Easy Installation
  • Space Saving
  • Electrically Insulating
  • Ultra low reaction loads
  • Zero Backlash
  • Maintenance Free

Control-Flex Flexible Shaft Coupling Specifications

Zero-Max engineered a unique Control-Flex flex disc which is based on a parallel linkage system. Because of this unique design, the reaction forces due to transmission of torque and unavoidable shaft misalignments are considerably less when compared with common flexible shaft couplings. They are available with clamp-style hubs or in a bolted-style, drop-out design for easy flexible disc changeout.
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Flexible Shaft Couplings for Encoders and Additional Applications

Control-Flex Couplings were developed to satisfy today’s higher performance instrumentation requirements, and can be used to handle parallel, angular and axial shaft misalignments, all while maintaining constant transmission of torque and angular velocity. Control-flex coupling applications include, but are not limited to:
  • Encoders
  • Feedback devices
  • Instrumentation

Choosing the Right Flexible Shaft Coupling

Maximum peak torque, shaft misalignment and speed (RPM) should all be considered prior to choosing the best flexible shaft coupling for your application and to ensure maximum operational life.  Zero-Max also offers a selection chart on page 7 of our product brochure which factors torque, misalignment, and the coupling’s operating envelope.

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Zero-Max offers a wide variety of high performance flexible shaft couplings, with special modifications available upon request. For more information about our flexible shaft couplings, contact us or find a sales representative in your area.