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CD® Couplings, ETP Keyless Bushings for Bottle & Can Manufacturing and Filling

High volume bottle and can manufacturing requires precise, repeatable and accurate equipment to meet industry demands and ensure smooth, consistent, high-volume production. Zero-Max is a premier supplier of custom and standard Composite Disc (CD) Couplings, ETP Keyless Shaft Bushings, and additional motion control components designed to meet the most demanding production cycles. Our components can fit to your existing systems with the turn of a screw to reduce changeout downtime and improve accuracy. Whether you specialize in can manufacturing, printing, stamping, bottle forming, filling, or anything in-between, we have solutions for your manufacturing processes.

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Components For 2-Piece & 3-Piece Can Manufacturing

ETP Keyless Shaft Bushings

Our ETP Keyless Shaft Bushings are hydraulic-based keyless bushings utilized extensively in the can industry due to their fast and easy installation, precision, zero-backlash operation, and high level of accuracy.  ETP bushings provide the highest level of concentricity for the connected components, with some models featuring as low as 0.0002” Total Indicated Runout (TIR), or less. ETP bushings are ideal for manufacturing processes with high-speed operation that require quick and easy mounting of shaft components, the ability to do frequent change-overs or fast re-adjustments, and where precision is critical.  They are used daily in everything from Necker Lines to Filling and Packaging Machines.

Zero-Max also offers a special ETP-KN Knife Holder Bushing for trimming the steel used for the sidewalls of 3-piece cans. These bushings are attached to the slitter knives and utilize a single actuation screw to lock the knife holder bushing to the shaft.  The operator can simply slide the ETP-KN into position and quickly lock it in place, precisely, with the turn of a single screw. This saves on critical time and cost by allowing for quick and easy positioning and re-positioning while ensuring accuracy in the can profiles. The ETP-KN has little to no axial runout of the slitter knife, providing an accurate trim length and minimizing wear on the slitter knife.  They also offer fast and easy removal for re-sharpening the slitter knives as needed. The ETP-KN Bushings are ideal for high volume, highly repeatable can manufacturing processes.

Additional ETP Keyless Shaft Bushing Features

  • Mount or dismount in seconds
  • Hundreds or Thousands of mounting cycles
  • Adjust or reposition quickly – saving costly downtime
  • No special tools required
  • Single-screw actuation designs available
  • Zero-Backlash
  • Superior Concentricity
  • Stainless-Steel models available

ETP Keyless Shaft Bushings for Can Printing or Decorating

Multiple changeouts in can printing processes can add up, resulting in lost production time and revenue. Our ETP- Keyless Shaft Bushings allow you to quickly, easily, and precisely change out print cylinders or other shaft mounted components to reduce costly downtime. Our keyless bushings are easy to install and can hold up to the printing requirements of high-speed production. ETP Connections maintain precise concentricity on the registered print zone for accurate, repeatable production.

ETP-TECHNO® Keyless Shaft Bushings for Can Stamping

We understand the importance of timing in can stamping operations. Our ETP-TECHNO Keyless Shaft Bushings allow you to simply and easily loosen a single screw and set the desired rotary position. This process is much faster than standard mechanical bushings which typically require actuation of multiple screws for dismantling and again for mounting. Our keyless shaft bushings maintain the phasing and timing in stamping operations to prevent other costly issues from occurring throughout the production line. Our bushings provide a robust solution to hold up to high indexing cycle rates and the associated high acceleration and shock loads at various stages in the can stamping process.

CD Couplings for 2-Piece & 3-Piece Can Manufacturing

Flexible Shaft Couplings for Can Manufacturing often require zero-backlash and high torsional stiffness, and are subjected to repetitive reversing, stopping, indexing, and high cycle rates. Zero-Max Composite Disc Couplings, including Single-Flex, Double-Flex and Floating Shaft couplings, hold up to these punishing conditions while also providing vibration-damping.  Our CD Couplings are field proven in various can printing applications, including rotating large diameter carousels with multiple printing cylinders.

CD Coupling Features

  • Zero Backlash Operation
  • Exceptional Performance and Precision
  • Perfect for High-Speed Applications
  • High Torsional Stiffness
  • High Misalignment Capacity / Low Reaction Loads
  • Ideal for Reversing and Indexing Operations
  • Maintenance-Free Operation
  • Long Operational Life

ETP Keyless Shaft Bushing for Bottle Manufacturing

Our ETP Keyless Shaft Bushings are utilized to open and close the molds on injection blow molders used for manufacturing plastic or PET bottles. If there’s a jam-up, the ETP connection can be designed to “slip” and function as an overload protector. This overload prevention protects costly molding equipment in your operations in case of error, minimizing damage and downtime. These ETP bushings are easy to adjust, requiring only a single screw to reposition as needed, or to accommodate bottles and bottle necks of multiple sizes.

Solve Your Beverage Can and Bottle Manufacturing Challenges with Zero-Max

Zero-Max is the industry leader in Composite Disc Coupling and Keyless Shaft Connection technology. View our CD Couplings and ETP Keyless Bushings above or visit our product catalogs for a comprehensive overview of all product specifications.

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