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Posi-Lok® Keyless Shaft Bushings

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Posi-Lok (PSL) keyless shaft bushings are locking devices that provide a secure shaft-to-hub connection. Most models feature socket-head cap screws for easy tightening and distribution of pressure over the full length of the connection to reduce fretting, corrosion, and backlash.  Posi-Lok bushings are ideal for positioning and locking shaft components in a system, and eliminate the need for keyways, tapers, and tapped holes, which can weaken or cause excess wear to shaft couplings
Our Posi-Lok bushings can save valuable time and resources in many production processes.  The Posi-Lok bushings offer high torque transmission and an enhanced design that features excellent axial and radial concentricity.  We offer a full selection of shaft-mount models and materials to fit a wide variety of applications.

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Posi-Lok Bushings Provide High Torque Transmission and Reliable Performance

Posi-Lok keyless shaft bushings utilize tapers that form a mechanical locking wedge as the actuation screws are tightened, pressing the inner sleeve against the shaft and outer sleeve against the hub. The resulting connection transmits high levels of torque and resists axial forces.

All Posi-Lok bushings slide easily onto shafts and securely lock hubs, pulleys, and other mounted components into position along the shaft. To install, simply slide the Posi-Lok over the shaft, slide the hub (sprocket, pulley, etc.) onto the Posi-Lok body, and tighten the actuation screws with a torque wrench.  See specific model information for complete details.

Features & Benefits of Posi-Lok Keyless Shaft Bushings

  • Easy to install, no special tools required
  • Mount or dismount units at any time
  • No keyway required; Posi-Lok keyless bushings can be mounted on a keyless shaft, thereby reducing machining costs
  • Zero backlash for improved performance and reduced wear on components
  • Excellent concentricity
  • Corrosion-resistant electroless nickel plated and stainless-steel options available
  • Selection, mounting, and sizing assistance available from our engineers

Find a Posi-Lok Bushing That Meets Your Performance Requirements

Keyless Posi-Lok bushings use a mechanical design to provide efficient performance and a reliable shaft-to-hub connection.  The Posi-Lok locking device series is offered in several models to meet a vast range of application and performance requirements. Browse the options listed below or contact us to request selection assistance from one of our engineers.

PSL-G Series Posi-Lok Keyless Shaft Bushings

The PSL-G is our most popular non-flanged locking device for securing a hub to a shaft. The flangeless design can be recessed within the hub which saves space and allows for easy installation and disassembly.  The PSL-G Series offers (2) tapered rings to increase the contact pressure and allow for higher torque capacity.

PSL-D Series Posi-Lok Keyless Shaft Bushings

The PSL-D is a non-flanged locking device for securing a hub to a shaft. The flangeless design can be recessed within the hub which saves space and allows for easy installation and disassembly.  The PSL-D series bushings have a single taper, offering a lower contact pressure at the hub, allowing smaller OD hubs to be used, saving on the moment of inertia and weight.  The PSL-D series bushings also support smaller shaft sizes. 

PSL-K Series Posi-Lok Keyless Shaft Bushings

The PSL-K is a positive locking device for securing a hub to a shaft. This model is flanged, which better exposes the compression screws for easy access.  The PSL-K series bushings offer small ID and OD dimensions to allow a smaller diameter hub to be mounted, saving on the moment of inertia, cost, and weight.  PSL-K Series bushings also support smaller metric shaft sizes, as well as some inch shaft sizes. 
  • PSL-K Series – Standard Material, Socket-Head Cap Screws (SHCS)
  • PSL-K-B Series – Standard Material, Hex-Head Screws for radial actuation
  • PSL-K-C Series – Electroless Nickel Plated Finish for corrosion protection (SHCS)
  • PSL-K-F Series – Stainless Steel Material for best corrosion protection (SHCS)

Request a Quote for High Performance Posi-Lok Bushings

Zero-Max Posi-Lok keyless shaft bushings reduce stress and wear on mounted components and provide reliable shaft-to-hub connections. We offer various models and styles to meet your high-performance application requirements. Request a quote on Posi-Lok locking bushings or contact us for more information.

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