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High Capacity Keyless Shaft Bushings

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Keyless shaft bushings provide secure connections between the shaft and hub while reducing stress or wear to mounted components. Using surface pressure to maintain their position, they eliminate the need for keyways, tapers, and tapped holes, which can cause component stress and wear due to fretting, corrosion, and backlash.

A keyless bushing does not rely on the key to transmit torque, but instead utilizes the entire circumference of the shaft for more efficient performance with no backlash. Surface pressure is distributed evenly over the full length of the connection, reducing micro-movements which can cause fretting.

Reduce Stress and Wear on Mounted Components with Keyless Bushings

Keyless bushings make mounting components an easier, faster, and more precise process. All you need to do is mount, set in position, and lock it with a torque wrench. Unlike bushings with keyways, a keyless locking bushing is infinitely phase-adjustable, both radially and axially. This feature makes them more precise and easier to use. They can be tightened and repositioned with minimal downtime and without causing additional wear on the shaft or mounted components.
And, because they eliminate the need for milled keyways in shafts, smaller shafts can be used to transmit the same amount of torque, thereby saving space and material.
ETP® keyless shaft bushings and Posi-Lok® keyless shaft bushings from Zero-Max are offered in several models to meet a range of motion control applications. Request a quote or contact us to discuss your performance requirements.


Deciding Between Keyed Connections vs. Keyless Bushings

There are a few differences between using a key/keyway connection vs. keyless locking device to mount hub components.
With a keyway there is key stock material that fits into a keyseat in the shaft, holding the connected component in place rotationally.  This connection has clearance for assembly, which contributes to backlash, affects position accuracy, and leads to fretting, corrosion, and potentially shaft/key deformation over time.
Keyless shaft bushings provide a secure connection between the shaft and hub due to increased contact area on the shaft surface.  The contact pressure from mounting allows them to transmit higher torque values. They also have zero backlash, have improved position accuracy, and avoid issues with fretting corrosion, and shaft/key deformation.  Additionally, keyless shaft locking bushings allow for superior axial force transmission.

Keyless Shaft Bushing for Efficient Motion Control

Keyless bushings from Zero-Max are designed and proven through testing to reduce stress and wear on mounted components. We offer both ETP (hydraulic-based) keyless shaft bushings and Posi-Lok (mechanical taper) keyless bushings in a variety of models to meet a wide range of high precision motion control applications. 

ETP Keyless Shaft Bushings

Our ETP keyless shaft bushings use an internal, self-contained hydraulic pressure for installation, maintaining position, and to provide a zero-backlash connection.  ETP keyless shaft bushings feature double-walled sleeves and simple tightening mechanism that securely lock motion control components into position on the shaft.  They mount and dismount quick and easy for fast changeovers and require no readjustment after installation – although they can be removed and remounted many times (some models over 1,000), with no change in operation or performance. We offer ETP keyless bushings in a variety of configurations to meet your requirements.

Posi-Lok Keyless Shaft Bushings

Posi-Lok bushings are keyless shaft locking devices designed to use internal tapered mechanical locking wedges to position and lock shaft components onto a shaft. They slide easily onto shafts for simple installation, provide high torque transmission, as well as zero backlash for improved performance. We offer our Posi-Lok keyless locking devices in several models, including flanged and non-flanged options.

Learn More About Our Keyless Locking Devices

Zero-max designs and manufactures field-proven keyless shaft bushings and power transmission products for high precision applications. Request a quote for the keyless bushings that meet your requirements or contact us for guidance selecting a product. 

Our Keyless Shaft Bushings work across a range of equipment types. Choose an industry below for application-specific examples and benefits.