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650 Series - Extra - Duty - Zero Max Overhung Load Adapter

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The Model 650 Series of SAE "B" mount Overhung Load Adaptors (OHLA®) are part of Zero-Max's Extra-Duty line of OHLAs. The Extra-Duty line features a number of carefully chosen upgrades based on our years of experience working with applications in a wide variety of harsh environments. 

Features of the Extra-Duty 650 Series Overhung Load Adaptors

The Extra-Duty line of OHLAs are designed to provide extra strength and lifetime in applications that require it.  Some features of the Extra-Duty line include:
  • Extended housing to provide addtional operational life
  • Heat-Treated 8620 steel shaft
  • Heavy-Duty spherical roller bearings
  • Purpose-built double primary lip output shaft seal
  • O-Ring for input pilot sealing
  • Dual NPT grease zerk ports for optimal lubrication

Benefits of the 650-Series Overhung Load Adaptors

The 650-Series accepts speeds up to 3500 RPM with proper lubrication (contact factory for higher speeds) and is offered in two standard input spline options to meet your specifications.  Special configurations are available with no mininum order quantity.  All Zero-Max overhung load adaptors are designed for shaft horizontal mounting and use standard grease lubrication.  Contact factory for special lubrication requests or vertical mounting applications.  The 650-Series SAE "B" Extra-Duty OHLA features:

  • SAE B - 2-bolt or 4-bolt mounting
  • May be either Face-mounted or Foot-mounted
  • Provides a sturdy mounting base for the motor or pump
  • Supports heavy radial and axial loads in extreme conditions
  • Protects pump or motor shaft seal from harmful contaminants
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance costs with reliable operation

Custom configurations are available. 
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Order Standard & Custom Extra-Duty SAE A 650-Series Overhung Load Adaptors from Zero-Max

Contact the factory with questions or assistance in sizing and selecting the right OHLA for your application.