ETP-HYLOC® Keyless Shaft Bushings

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Keyless shaft bushings are the perfect solution for secure shaft-to-hub connections and are ideal for positioning and locking shaft components in a high-performance system. ETP-HYLOC keyless shaft bushings are designed for very high loads and high precision and provide the best solution where keyways and tapers can weaken or cause excess wear to shaft couplings.
ETP-HYLOC keyless locking devices from Zero-Max are hydro-mechanical hub-shaft connections consisting of a double-walled sleeve that encloses an internal piston. Mounting and dismantling are carried out with an external hydraulic pump (supplied separately). When applying pressure using the external pump, the internal piston is moved, expanding the inner and outer sleeves uniformly against the shaft and hub to form a continous and rigid connection.  Applying reverse pressure using the external pump moves the internal piston back to its original position for easy dismantling of the ETP-HYLOC and the mounted component.  

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NEW "Plug & Play" Connections

All standard ETP-HYLOC and high pressure pumps are now equipped with hydraulic quick connectors.  This new “Plug & Play” concept makes it easier and faster than ever to operate the ETP-HYLOC.  In the flange, there are three threaded connections (“ON”, “P”, and “OFF”) in the radial direction and the same in the axial direction. This makes it possible to choose a radial or axial connecton for the pump hoses, depending on the available space for mounting.  The "Plug & Play" feature can allow for fast changeout of the mounted component or quick repositioning either rotationally or linearly along the shaft, all while maintaining precise concentricity of the mounted component.  

ETP-HYLOC Keyless Shaft Bushing Features

ETP-HYLOC keyless locking devices are available for shaft diameters from 50 - 220 mm and deliver torque transmission ranging from 1,918 to 201,338 ft-lb.  Additional features and benefits include:
  • High transmittable torque capacity
  • Very high radial load capacity
  • Fast mounting/dismantling, even in tight spaces
  • Radial and axial pump connections are available for mounting/dismantling
  • Fine adjustments of the hub can be made when mounting
  • Quick and easy readjustments of the mounted component as needed
  • Good concentricity even after many mountings
  • Double torque capacity with ETP-HFC coating option

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