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High-Performance Schmidt Offset Shaft Couplings

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Schmidt Offset Shaft Couplings offer great flexibility in shaft displacement while maintaining constant torque transmission, angular velocity, and phase relationship. Schmidt offset couplings deliver advanced performance and space savings over many alternative options. The Schmidt coupling’s compact design eliminates radial vibration and creates no side loads, while allowing for dynamic misalignment changes without a loss in performance.

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Schmidt Offset Shaft Coupling Features

Schmidt offset shaft couplings provide high torque capacity and smooth power flow for maximum product performance. Where precise performance of system components is required and reduced machine size is important, the Schmidt Offset Couplings provide a solution.
  • Parallel shaft displacement: 0.437" - 17.2" (linear displacement)
  • Torque ratings: 637 in-lbs. - 459,000 in-lbs.
  • Shaft speeds up to 2500 RPM for standard couplings
  • Constant Torque and Angular Velocity
  • Performance is not affected by changing shaft offset
  • Compact design saves space over U-Joints
  • Custom coupling and hub designs available

Schmidt Offset Shaft Coupling Applications

High-performance Schmidt offset couplings are often found in roll applications such as rolling or paper processing.  These field-proven solutions are also regularly used in the following applications:
  • Printing and paper converting systems
  • Metal processing systems
  • Automated assembly systems
  • Many More

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