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ETP-EXPRESS® Keyless Shaft Bushings

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Keyless locking devices provide secure shaft-to-hub connections and are ideal for applications where frequent adjustments are required. ETP-EXPRESS keyless shaft bushings have only one actuation screw for pressurizing and allow very fast and accurate repositioning of the hub. Since the actuation screw is tightened from the radial direction, no space is used along the shaft for mounting tools. Other components can be mounted on the shaft all the way up to the flange.
ETP-EXPRESS keyless locking devices consist of a double-walled hardened steel sleeve and flange filled with a pressure medium. The flange component has a screw and piston with seals to maintain pressure while mounted.  ETP-EXPRESS is available for use with many metric and English shaft sizes.

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Operation and Features of ETP-EXPRESS Keyless Shaft Bushings

When the pressure screw is tightened, the double-walled sleeve expands uniformly against shaft and hub and creates a rigid joint. Uninstalling is done by loosening the screw which returns the ETP-EXPRESS to its original dimensions. It can then easily be dismantled or re-adjusted.
  • Fast and frequent mounting/unmounting with only one screw
  • Radial screw positioning saves space along the shaft
  • Accurate positioning. No axial movement when mounting
  • Uniform surface pressure against shaft and hub prevents damage to surfaces and enables the use of small diameter hubs
  • Handles temperatures ranging from -22° F to +185° F

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