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Custom Power Transmission Products

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Power transmission products such as gearboxes, adjustable speed drives, and torque limiters are critical for efficient and reliable transmission of power in linear or rotating applications. When our extensive offering of standard power transmission products do not meet your application’s unique specifications, we offer customized options tailored to your exclusive requirements.

At Zero-Max, we do not impose minimum quantities on our custom power transmission component designs. Our experts often build custom designs for just one or two pieces. We can also supply hundreds or thousands of custom design pieces depending on your project needs.

Custom Power Transmission Options

Zero-Max is a trusted provider and manufacturer of durable, high-performance power transmission system components worldwide. We offer a wide variety of custom power transmission solutions for industries and applications, including packaging, automation, printing and converting, agriculture, road construction, and more. Zero-Max provides the following advanced custom power transmission components that can handle unique requirements, rugged applications, heat, vibration, corrosive environments, and other volatile conditions:

Design Assistance for Custom Power Transmission Products

Zero-Max Engineering is continually involved in custom projects using the latest technology to solve your power transmission product needs. State-of-the-art CAD, machining, test, and analysis systems allow us to design solutions reliably for your unique needs. Using these technologies and our decades of power transmission product and industry expertise, we make design recommendations to help you achieve the highest mechanical performance levels.

Precision Quality Design & Production

As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified production facility, Zero-Max maintains an international reputation for producing reliable, durable, high-quality components. Strict quality control processes, paired with in-house design, testing, and production, ensure your custom power transmission products meet your design and performance requirements at the lowest cost and in the shortest possible lead-time. Additionally, our after-sale service and support offer continued dedication to being your partner long after you receive your product.

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Zero-Max is your trusted source for custom power transmission products for high-performance power transmission and motion control applications. Request a quote or contact us to learn more about our custom power transmission products today.