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PSL-K-B Hex-Head Posi-Lok® Keyless Shaft Bushings

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Keyless shaft bushings provide a solid connection between the shaft and mounted component. The simple locking design does not require the use of keyways and is easy to mount and adjust.
PSL-K-B Series keyless shaft bushings have all the benefits of the standard PSL-K Series but utilize hex-head screws in place of the standard socket head cap screws, allowing for radial access during installation.  The PSL-K-B design supports smaller shaft sizes and is ideal for mounting timing belts, pulleys, cams, gears, and other motion components. This model is available in both metric and some inch sizes with transmittable torque ranging up to 553 ft-lb.
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PSL-K-B Keyless Shaft Bushing Features

PSL-K-B keyless locking devices have a flanged design with hex-head screws to allow radial access for installation, allowing the shaft bushing to be mounted in tight space constraints. As the actuation screws are tightened, it draws the two opposing conical tapers against their mutual contact surfaces. This forces the inner and outer sleeves to expand against the shaft and hub fastening components to the shaft.  The resulting locking connection transmits high torque and resists axial forces.
Our keyless shaft bushings provide several benefits, including:
  • Excellent concentricity – only minimal radial and axial runout
  • Ease of mounting and adjusting – hex-head screws tighten quickly and easily
  • Small ID / OD sleeve dimensions allow a smaller component to be mounted, saving on the moment of inertia, cost, and weight
  • Compatible with smaller shaft sizes

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