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Wind Turbine Torque Limiters

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Zero-Max’s torque limiters protect wind turbines against peak loads, reverse torques, and grid shorts. Shaft-mounted to the generator shaft, our wind turbine torque limiters are factory-set to slip at specific torque settings, ranging from 4,000 to 50,000Nm.

This functionality prevents the transmission of excess torque from the generator to the gearbox in the event of grid fault or disturbance and protects both the generator and the gearbox against premature failure. This allows for low voltage grid ride-through capability and helps wind turbine manufacturers meet strict grid code requirements.

Our torque limiters are engineered to function in unison with our composite disc wind turbine couplings to provide effective protection for all turbine drivetrain components. Together, Zero-Max’s wind turbine drivetrain components provide the most reliable performance solution in the wind energy industry.

Contact Zero-Max for high performance wind turbine torque limiters.

  • Designed to protect both the gearbox and generator from extreme torque and damage
  • Generator shaft-mounted to avoid resonance concerns and installation difficulties
  • Proven and tested to 5,600 torque events of 30° or in excess of a 20-year life cycle
  • Operation occurs internally and requires no adjustments or maintenance
  • Automatic re-engagement to reset after slip events with no manual intervention
  • Bi-directional functionality with no limitations
  • Wide operational temperature range: -40° to 80°C (-40° to 176°F)
2MW Wind Turbine Coupling Torque Limiter Unit2MW Wind Turbines Torque Limiter

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Zero-Max is a trusted and approved designer and manufacturer of driveline products for the global wind turbine industry. We understand the special requirements of this unique, dynamic industry, and offer products that are designed and engineered by up-tower professionals to deliver the performance, quality, and reliability wind turbine applications require.

2MW Wind Turbine Torque Limiter2MW Wind Turbine Torque Limiters