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Power Transmission Products

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Power transmission components include gearboxes, adjustable speed drives, torque limiters, and other mechanical parts that transmit power in linear or rotating applications. These components are designed to work in conjunction with clutches, brakes, shaft couplings and other drive components in applications ranging from manufacturing to HVAC.

High Performance Power Transmission Components

Zero-Max® offers high precision, high-performance components for power transmission including adjustable speed drives, right angle gearboxes, overload safety devices, linear actuators, and phase adjusting hubs. Our inventory includes a broad variety of in-stock components in inch and metric sizes to meet a broad range of power transmission requirements. We have a fast turnaround and offer customized products made to your specifications. Request a quote or contact us to learn more about our power transmission solutions.

Power Transmission Solutions for Any Industry or Application

Zero-Max is a trusted provider and manufacturer of motion control and power transmission components that are durable and deliver high performance. We offer several power transmission solutions for industries and applications including packaging, automation, printing and converting, agriculture, road construction, and more. 
Learn more about our product offerings below or contact us to discuss which power transmission components are best for your application.

Overload Safety Devices

Our Torq-Tender® overload safety devices feature a built-in torque limiter that prevents system damage by reliably and quickly releasing when a jam-up or excessive loading occurs. To assure operational integrity, a tamper-resistant design prevents the torque value from being changed unless the torque limiter is disassembled. Available in several models including end of shaft mount, shaft-to-shaft coupling mount, and through shaft mount versions.

Adjustable Speed Drives

Adjustable speed drives accept any rotating input source up to 2,000 RPM and permit infinite adjustment on the output speed up to about a 4:1 ratio. The output shaft speeds adjust by moving a lever control through an arc or turning the hand-wheel of a screw type control. Our variable speed drives deliver constant torque throughout the speed range and can be used with gearboxes to increase torque output. Options include unidirectional drives and reversible drives, and drive accessories. Available with output in a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.

Crown® Gear Right Angle Gearbox

Crown gear right angle gearboxes are compact 90° gear reducers that feature efficient, quiet operating spiral bevel gears for quiet, accurate, and dependable transfer of speed power. The fully enclosed maintenance free design ensures that internal gears can’t get out of alignment, jam up or become contaminated by debris. We offer standard anodized aluminum housing models as well as IP65-Rated models with shaft seals and a nickel-plated aluminum housing for corrosion resistance. With three unique configurations including counter-rotating gearboxes, two-way right angle gearboxes, and three-way right angle gearboxes in 1:1 and 2:1 speed ratios we can accommodate virtually any application. Available custom shaft types include squared, splined, extended, shortened, and stepped.

Roh’Lix® Linear Actuators

Roh’Lix® linear actuators from Zero-Max are power transmission components that convert rotary motion into precise linear motion and thrust capacity. These adjustable automatic overload protectors will slip when overloaded, providing linear clutching without any additional clutch mechanisms. They feature six rolling element ball bearings and a split-block construction for easy installation. Our linear actuators are designed for horizontal or vertical axis loading applications and are available in inch and metric sizes, offering between 15 and 200 lbs. thrust capacity.

Phase Adjusting Hubs

Phase adjusting hubs provide an accurate, mechanical adjustment within a 24-degree range (+/-12 degrees) and are an easy way to change the phase relationship of a drive component and the shaft. They are ideal for fine-tuning timing adjustments, adjusting for chain elongation, and sprocket tooth wear. Available in standard sizes and options for browning bushings and QD bushings. 

Learn More About Our Power Transmission Products

Zero-Max is a leading provider of power transmission solutions and other products including keyless shaft bushings, flexible shaft couplings, and more to meet your high-performance application requirements.
Request a quote or contact us to learn more about our power transmission products.