Single Flex Composite Disc Couplings

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Single-flex composite disc couplings (CD® Couplings) deliver high torsional stiffness, precision, and durability in demanding servo motor applications. Composite disc couplings feature a single composite disc and compact, zero backlash design to provide smooth and accurate operation at any speeds, including in high speed reversing applications. CD flexible disc couplings accommodate angular, axial, and parallel misalignment and eliminate issues related to fatigue and fretting seen with metal disc couplings.
Zero-Max provides single-flex composite disc couplings in a range of styles, hub sizes, and torque ratings for high precision motion control applications. Select from steel, aluminum, or stainless-steel composite disc couplings with bushing type, clamp type, or set screw type hubs.

Clamp Type/Steel Hub Single Flex Couplings

Our carbon steel single clamp, single-flex composite disc couplings are an excellent solution for demanding applications were robust zero backlash operation is required. With high torsional stiffness, exceptional durability, and a compact footprint, these flexible couplings are versatile and reliable enough for very long operational life in a broad range of uses. These composite disc couplings can be used in very high-speed applications with only minor modifications. Black oxide coating provides enhanced corrosion resistance.

Clamp Type/Aluminum Hub Single Flex Couplings

Zero-Max’s unique designs give our single clamp, aluminum hub single-flex CD Couplings high torsional stiffness and outstanding durability for use in challenging applications. These flexible composite disc couplings provide zero backlash and smooth operation at high speeds, along with a compact footprint that allows them to fit applications where space is tight. Black anodizing provides enhanced corrosion resistance.

Clamp Type/Stainless Steel Hub Single Flex Couplings

Manufactured from high strength, corrosion resistant, High Grade 300 stainless steel, these single-flex composite disc couplings are ideal for harsh working environments and applications where chemical or water/saltwater exposure is common. Our stainless-steel single-flex CD Couplings provide high torsional stiffness, maintenance-free operation, and very long operational life

A1C Clamp Type/Aluminum Hub Single Flex Couplings

With low weight and inertia, Zero-Max’s A1C single-flex composite disc couplings are an ideal solution for demanding servomotor applications. Our A1C hub style flex couplers provide high torsional stiffness and high durability, enabling them to withstand the wear and tear of demanding, non-stop operation. These compact flexible couplings deliver zero backlash performance. Black anodized for enhanced corrosion resistance and an integrated clamping hub for superior shaft engagement.

Set Screw/Steel Hub Single Flex Couplings

The steel set screw version of our single-flex composite disc couplings is ideally suited for precisely connecting shafts in challenging high-precision machining operations. These steel couplings provide high torsional stiffness, robust zero backlash performance, and very long operational life. A compact footprint makes them versatile enough for a broad range of applications. Our single-flex set screw CD Couplings can be utilized in very high-speed applications with only minor modifications.

Set Screw/Stainless Steel Hub Single Flex Couplings

For motion transfer operations that require high strength and corrosion resistance, Zero-Max’s single-flex set screw CD Couplings with stainless steel hubs are the ideal solution. Hubs and hardware are manufactured from High Grade 300 series stainless steel to provide resistance to chemicals, water/saltwater, and other environmental factors. These stainless-steel single-flex CD Couplings are specially engineered to deliver zero backlash performance in even the most demanding applications.

QD/Bushing Type Hub Single Flex Couplings

Engineered for high torsional stiffness and high durability, our QD single-flex composite disc couplings are well-suited to motion transfer applications requiring zero-backlash performance. Zero-Max single-flex QD style CD Couplings are excellent for reversing loads, and provide smooth operation at high speeds. With only minor modifications, these couplings can be used in very high-speed applications.


Custom Single Flex Couplings

All of our single flex composite couplings can be customized to your application and performance requirements. Bore diameters, misalignment capabilities, torsional stiffness, and other factors can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

Contact Zero-Max today to discuss your custom coupling specifications.

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Zero-Max designs, engineers, and manufactures versatile and high-performance single flex composite disc couplings for all motion transfer applications.  See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.
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