Double-Flex Configuration Couplings

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Double-flex composite disc couplings (CD® Couplings) offer high precision, performance, and durability in demanding servo motor applications.  The double-flex CD Couplings handle a higher degree of shaft misalignment than single-flex couplers while still offering the high torsional stiffness required for smooth accurate operation. These flexible shaft couplers are an excellent option for reversing loads and provide zero backlash operation to maximize machine output while eliminating fatigue and premature wear.
Zero-Max offers double-flex composite disc couplings in several styles to meet a broad range of motion control requirements. Options include double-flex clamp style and double-flex set screw style couplers with steel or aluminum hubs.

Clamp Type/Steel Hub Double Flex Couplings

Our double-flex composite disc couplings with steel hubs are ideally-suited to precision motion control operations. Very high misalignment capacity and high torsional stiffness help ensure high performance in even the most demanding applications. These robust steel double-flex couplings are built with compact footprints, making it easy to install them in machinery and systems where space is limited. They provide zero backlash performance and smooth operation at high speeds, and are excellent for reversing loads. Black oxidized coatings on the carbon steel hubs provides enhanced corrosion resistance.

A1C Clamp Type/Aluminum Hub Double Flex Couplings

Zero-Max’ A1C series double-flex composite disc couplings provide even greater misalignment capacity than our A1C single-flex couplings. With low weight and inertia, these double-flex couplings are ideal for precision motion control applications. Unlike similar couplings of this type, our double-flex couplings provide both high torsional stiffness and high durability, making them well-suited to demanding applications, especially those that require high speed reversing with high misalignment capabilities. Zero backlash performance and compact footprints allow them to be utilized in a broad range of applications. Integrated clamping hub for superior shaft engagement.

Clamp Type/Aluminum Hub Double Flex Couplings

Designed for applications that require high misalignment capacity, our double-flex composite disc couplings provide smooth operation with zero backlash, even at high speeds. High torsional stiffness and outstanding durability make our couplings ideal for challenging applications. These double-flex couplings are excellent for reversing loads, and put very low reaction loads on shaft bearings thanks to their misalignment capacity. Lightweight yet durable aluminum hubs reduce inertia; black anodizing provides improved corrosion resistance.

Set Screw/Steel Hub Double Flex Couplings

With high torsional stiffness and high misalignment capacity, our set screw double-flex CD Couplings help ensure high precision operation in motion control applications. These composite disc couplings are compact, yet offer double the misalignment capabilities of most comparable couplings. They are designed for quiet operation at high speeds and put extremely low reaction loads on shaft bearings.

QD/Bushing Type Hub Double Flex Couplings

Zero-Max’s double-flex CD Couplings with double QD bushing type hubs are engineered for applications that require high misalignment capacity. Large misalignment capabilities, along with high torsional stiffness, outstanding durability, and overall high performance, make them a reliable and versatile solution for a variety of motion control applications. They provide smooth operation at high speeds, with zero backlash. Steel bushing-type hubs are black oxidized for added corrosion resistance and durability.

Custom Double Flex Couplings

All Zero-Max double-flex composite disc couplings can be custom-tailored to your application and performance needs. Bore diameters, torque capacity, torsional stiffness, misalignment capacity, and other factors can be customized to meet your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your custom coupling specifications.

Contact Us for Double Flex Composite Disc Couplings

Since 1984, Zero-Max has been a leading innovator in double-flex composite disc coupling designs. We provide high-performance solutions for all motion transfer applications.  See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.
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