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Composite Disc Couplings

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For today’s most demanding high speed servo motor and motion control applications. CD or composite disc couplings are precise, robust, and available in sizes and models for every application. Zero-Max’s composite disc couplings offer:

  • High torsional stiffness and high dynamic load capacity in spacer couplings, ensuring reliable machine operation
  • Precise positioning under high speed reversing loads without fatigue for reliable 24/7 operation
  • Unique patented composite disc coupling design provides misalignment capacity and long operational life
  • Clamp style hub design provides a superior method of shaft engagement
  • Eco-Friendly, adapted to RoHS Directive with no banned substances

These next-generation Composite Disc Couplings allow you to transmit high horsepower in a small envelope. These high speed flexible shaft couplings are ideal for cyclic applications where speed and repeatable accuracy are critical for keeping systems going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Composite Disc Couplings withstand the punishment and stress of a servo motor. In comparison, other couplings may have high torsional stiffness specifications; however, they can be too brittle to withstand the punishment of high speed reversing applications.

The working part of a Composite Disc Coupling is made of high precision composite material. This patented design has high torsional stiffness, and yet allows for misalignment in high stress applications. Composite Disc Couplings have excellent chemical and moisture resistance and operate without maintenance in hostile environments.

Standard and Custom Composite Disc Couplings are available for every application. Do you need higher misalignment and greater torque capacity in your coupling? Need more flexibility and torsional stiffness? Need a very large bore diameter coupling? Or a long spacer coupling? Zero-Max Composite Disc Couplings are available in a full range of styles, models and sizes to meet those needs. Zero-Max will design and build a custom Composite Disc Coupling to handle your unique application.

For information regarding composite disc couplings, contact us. Find your local sales representative to place your order today.

The Zero-Max composite disc couplings offer many attractive features and benefits. Aside from offering custom specifications to meet your direct motion control needs, many of our standard products are geared towards offering the following benefits:

  • Composite disc couplings are available in single disc, double disc, stainless steel, floating shaft and custom models
  • Single and double disk models available in aluminum clamp style hubs
  • Operating temperature range is -70° to +250° F (- 57° to + 121°C)
  • Composite discs are resistant to many chemicals
  • Hubs are machined to a high level of concentricity for smooth and quiet operation
  • Our composite disc couplings are maintenance free
  • Zero-Max composite disc couplings are ideal for high precision applications including packaging machines, pick and place systems, printing machinery, machine tools and most systems using servo motors
  • RoHS compliant – manufactured of RoHS compliant materials and contains no banned substances

View more specifications for our composite disc couplings on our product pages, or visit our Catalog Downloads page to see our entire list of product specification details. For further information, contact Zero-Max today.

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