ETP Techno Keyless Shaft Bushings

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ETP Techno is the high precision bushing among the ETP Hub-Shaft connections. It is designed for high concentricity applications where frequent mountings, and adjustments are required. ETP Techno has a  runout accuracy of 0.0002 inch (TIR), handles up to 5000 mounting, and operates on built-in hydraulics closed loop system.

ETP Techno Design

ETP-TECHNO consists of a double-walled hardened steel sleeve and flange filled with a pressure medium. The flange component contains the pressurizing mechanism consisting of an actuation screw, piston, a seal, and a ball seal.  The outer and inner diameters and the face of the flange on the hub side are accurately machined for high concentricity.

Operation of ETP Techno Keyless Shaft Bushings

When the actuation screw is tightened, the double-walled sleeve expands uniformly against the shaft and the hub creating a rigid joint. Dismantling is done by loosening the actuation screw. ETP-TECHNO returns to its original dimensions and can easily be dismantled.

  • Extremely fast and easy to mount and dismantle.
  • 15 popular bore sizes from 15mm to 100mm.
  • Fits into tight spaces. Adjusts quickly with one actuation screw.
  • Tightens radially with even surface pressure. Prevents damage to shaft and hub.
  • Runout accuracy (TIR) 0.0002".
  • Handles temperature range -22° F to 230° F.


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