ETP Classic Keyless Shaft Bushings

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ETP Classic provides highest radial load. Ideal for mounting timing belts, pulleys, cams, gears and other motion devices. Precise mounting and accurate positioning of mounted components for today’s machinery can be easily handled by ETP Classic.  Quick and easy dismantling of the ETP Classic connection will decreases system maintenance time.

ETP Classic Design

ETP-CLASSIC consists of a double-walled hardened steel sleeve filled with a specially designed pressure medium, sealing ring, piston, pressure flange and clamping screws.

Operation of ETP Classic Keyless Shaft Bushings

When tightening the screws, the sleeve expands uniformly against hub and shaft and creates a rigid joint. When loosening the screws the sleeve returns to its original measurements and can easily be dismantled.

  • Highest radial load
  • Mounting and dismantling is fast.
  • Precision adjustment of the hub can be made during mounting.
  • Low tightening torque and small number of screws makes mounting easy.
  • Good concentricity even after many mountings.
  • Hexhead screws can also be used.
  • Handles temperature range -22° F to +180° F.


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