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Three-Way Right Angle Gearboxes

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Three-Way Right Angle Gearboxes feature one input shaft and two output shafts, providing an easy 90-degree turn of power transmission. This design allows for changes in axis rotation along with a smooth transfer of power with minimal backlash.
Crown Gear three-way right angle gearboxes from Zero-Max, Inc. feature quiet operating spiral bevel gears for dependable transfer of speed or power and a long, maintenance-free operating life. Our premium gearmotors feature hardened AGMA Class 10 spiral bevel gears and non-magnetic stainless steel shafts, standard.  Right angle gearboxes come in 1:1 and 2:1 ratios and a wide range of shaft styles to handle most applications. 


High-Quality Three-Way Gearbox Construction

Crown Gear three-way right angle gearboxes are engineered for dependability and long-lasting performance. The fully enclosed cast aluminum housing offers maximum strength and heat dissipation and protects internal gears from misalignment, jam-ups, and contamination. Additional right angle bevel gearbox features include:

Bevel Speed Reducer Drive Options

Three-way right angle speed reducers come in 1:1 and 2:1 ratios and shaft diameters up to 1 inch. The following alternative shaft options are available for quote:
  • Squared
  • Splined
  • Extended
  • Shortened
  • Stepped

Versatile Gear Reducer Designs for Drive Components

Crown Gear spiral bevel gear speed reducers have a versatile design to alter torque and speed in various drive components. Common applications include:
  • Industrial Dryers
  • Folding Machines
  • Brushing Machinery
  • Power Transmission Equipment
  • Pumps
  • Damper Controls
  • Case Openers
  • Paper Rewinders
  • Test Equipment

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Zero-Max, Inc. offers the most dependable three-way right-angle gearboxes on the market. Request a quote online or find your local sales representative to learn more about premium Crown Gear right angle spiral bevel gear speed reducers.