VRT-300 Series

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Speed/Ratio Adjustments

Speed adjustments are easily and precisely made via the control shaft.  The customer has the option of having the VRT supplied with a lever control that can be moved through an arc, a screw control that allows for repeatable finite adjustments by simply turning a hand-wheel, or supplied with no control mechanism attached to the control shaft such that a customer-supplied control can be added.  A mechanical or electric actuator is often used for this purpose
The VRT-300 Series (models -1, -2, -41, -42):
  • Torque Rating: 300 in-lb
  • Input Speed Range: 0-300 RPM
  • Output Speed Range: 0-75 RPM (~0 to 0.25:1 ratio)
  • Special Designs Available

Model chart VRT - 300 Series (models -1, -2, -41, -42)
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