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Zero-Max Announces Introduction of VRT™ Variable Ratio Transmission for Agricultural Seeding and Fertilizing Applications

Mar 19, 2021

Plymouth, Minnesota: Zero-Max new VRT™ Variable Ratio Transmissions feature an efficient and cost-effective design that ensures accurate and consistent application rates for agricultural seeding and fertilizing equipment.
The Zero-Max VRT is designed to meet the performance requirements for today’s agricultural equipment. The VRT can provide a critical link between the control system and the mechanical seed and fertilizer distribution mechanism. This seeding system, often ground-driven from the wheels of the implement, maintains seed and fertilizer placement accuracy even when the ground speed of the equipment changes.

Outstanding Zero-Max VRT features:
  • Infinitely adjustable to obtain the exact desired ratio.
  • Ratio can be adjusted when idle or when running.
  • Easily, quickly and precisely make speed adjustments.
  • Variable ratio or fixed ratio operation.
  • Speed and torque capabilities are expandable by use of chain and sprocket ratios at the VRT shafts.
Applications include air seeders, plot seeders, grass seeding, air carts, research plots, cover crop planting, turf care and more.

Encased in a secure heavy-duty housing, the VRT resists dirt and debris, is pre-lubricated and withstands the harshest environments and climates. It is designed for reliable operation with minimal or no maintenance.

Available in two sizes, each offering 0-300 rpm input speed and a 0 to 0.25:1 ratio range of output to input speed. The VRT-150 is rated for 150 in-lbs torque value with the VRT-300 rated for 300 in-lbs. Both sizes are available with input and output shafts on the same side or opposite sides of the housing, with output shaft rotation in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction and with a variety of control options. Special designs are available.

Zero-Max has more than 70 years experience designing and manufacturing adjustable speed drives. They are simple to handle, install and operate. For more information about these latest model Zero-Max VRT Variable Ratio Transmissions, call 1-800-533-1731. Outside US and Canada, call 763-546-4300 See at: www.zero-max.com

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