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Single Flex Set Screw Type Steel Hubs

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Bring Zero-Max’s unique Steel Composite Disc (CD®) Couplings design to your application with a traditional set screw hub design. Carrying the same high-quality standard and RoHS compliance found in all our CD Couplings, this steel hub set screw version is a cost-effective solution that is also inter-changeable with many existing couplings.  It is perfectly suited for use in high-difficulty, precision motion control and machining applications.


Single-Flex Set Screw Composite Disc Coupling Advantages

Like our Steel Clamp Hub Single Flex CD Couplings, the Steel Hub Set Screw option brings the following benefits to many motion control and power transmission applications:
  • Zero Backlash
  • Torsionally Stiff
  • Very Long Operational life
  • Compact Design
With the ability to be used in very high-speed and other unique applications, Zero-Max offers this steel CD Coupling with available custom modifications.

Steel Single-Flex Set Screw Disc Coupling Applications

Our next-generation Composite Disc Couplings allow users to transmit high torque and horsepower in a small envelope. These high-speed flexible shaft couplings are ideal for cyclic applications where speed and repeatable accuracy are critical for keeping systems going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Applications may include:The RoHS-compliant design is rugged enough to withstand the punishment and stress of servomotor applications. Other brands of couplings may have high torsional stiffness specifications; however, they can be too brittle to withstand the punishment of high-speed reversing applications, especially where misalignment is present.

Custom Single-Flex Set Screw Composite Disc Couplings Manufactured to Your Specifications

All single set screw Composite Disc Couplings can be customized to your application and performance requirements. Bore diameters, misalignment capabilities, torque capacity, torsional stiffness, and other factors can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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