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Single Clamp Type Aluminum A1C Hubs

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The A1C Series Single Flex CD Coupling has very low weight and inertia, making it an excellent choice for today’s most demanding servo motor applications. The unique design delivers two features that are not often found in a precision coupling: High torsional stiffness and high durability. Combined, this allows the coupling to withstand high levels of application punishment from high speed reversing, not typical in other couplings.

The robust, precise A1C is available in several compact sizes and models. It offers low inertia, and its clamping system enables this coupling to fit into many applications:

  • Zero Backlash
  • Torsionally Stiff
  • Excellent for 24/7 Reversal of Loads Without Fatigue
  • Smooth Operation at High Speeds
  • Compact
  • Eco-Friendly

Used in packaging machines, pick and place systems, printing machinery and elsewhere, the A1C Series Single Flex CD Coupling will bring you maintenance free, high performing, coupling service.

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