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Single Clamp Type Stainless Steel Hubs

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For products requiring stainless steel composite disc (CD) couplings, Zero-Max offers ourIn zero backlash applications requiring Stainless Steel materials, the Zero-Max Composite Disc coupling single flex set screw version is the perfect option. Made from a stainless steel that is resistant to some of the harshest chemicals available, this CD Coupling offers many excellent features for your precision application needs:

  • Made from High Grade 300 series Stainless Steel
  • Operating Temperature Range from -70° to +250° F (-57° to +121° Celsius)
  • Maintenance Free
  • Unique Coupling Design
  • High Torsional Stiffness
  • Very Long Operational Life.

Whether you are working with packaging machines, food processing, pharmaceutical packaging and processing, and most any system that requires use of a servo motor, particularly items which need the resistant features of a part made from Stainless Steel material, the Zero-Max CD Couplings can meet your needs.

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