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Flexible Shaft Couplings

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Zero-Max is a world-leading manufacturer of flexible shaft couplings and has several product lines of flexible shaft couplings, each designed to deliver long operational life while optimizing the function of the mechanism. No other shaft coupling manufacturer has the experience and expertise that Zero-Max brings to all our flexible shaft coupling product lines:

Our Composite Disc Shaft coupling line is a high performance, zero backlash flexible shaft coupling design that withstands the rigors of demanding servomotor systems. The functioning part of CD couplings is manufactured from high precision oriented and layered composite material that is similar to the composites that are used in Aerospace applications.

The ServoClass Shaft coupling are the optimal blend of performance, durability, and price! These ServoClass flexible shaft couplings are manufactured from high quality materials using state of the art CNC manufacturing equipment. This equipment allows Zero-Max to offer a high performance flexible shaft coupling at an attractive price. These shaft couplings are ideal for servomotor actuators.

Our line of Schmidt Shaft Couplings is uniquely designed to handle applications with challenging misalignments. There is a Schmidt coupling for offset and inline shaft applications. Our 5D flexible shaft couplings are designed to work in extreme misalignment situations.

Control Flex Shaft couplings are specifically designed and manufactured for use with feedback devices such as encoders. The goal of this flexible shaft coupling design is to provide zero backlash operation that will insure encoder accuracy. Other features include: clamp hubs for vibrations resistant shaft engagement, electrically insulating, and a flex element which has ultra low bearing reaction loads. When you use a flexible shaft coupling on your encoder it will insure accuracy and function longer!

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