PSL-M Series Posi-Lok® Keyless Shaft Bushings

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Keyless shaft bushings are positive locking devices used to securely hold a hub onto a shaft.  They are used in a variety of motion control applications and help protect shaft components from excessive wear.
The PSL-M model features a stepped flange, which engages the bore, aides in the centering of the locking device during installation, and enhances the concentricity of the connection.  PSL-M keyless shaft bushings provide easy and accurate positioning of mounted components and are ideal for mounting timing belts, pulleys, cams, gears, and other motion components.  They are offered in different sizes ranging from 20mm to 50mm and with transmittable torque capacities ranging up to 1,258 ft-lb.
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PSL-M Keyless Shaft Bushing Features

Our PSL-M keyless locking devices feature a mechanical locking wedge that is formed as the actuation screws are tightened, pressing the inner sleeve against the shaft and outer sleeve against the hub. The resulting locking connection transmits torque and resists axial forces. This keyless shaft bushing style has a stepped flange, which engages the bore and enhances the concentricity of the connection.
  • Provides a solid connection between the shaft and mounted component. Simple locking design does not require the use of keyways
  • Ease of mounting – socket head caps screws tighten quickly and easily
  • Excellent concentricity – only minimal radial and axial runout, enhanced by a stepped flange that engages the mounted component

Learn More About Posi-Lok Keyless Shaft Bushings for Motion Control Applications

We offer Posi-Lok keyless shaft bushings in several different models including flanged, flangeless, and stepped flange options. Request a quote for the PSL-M keyless locking device that meets your requirements or contact us for additional product information.