SAE A Mount Overhung Load Adaptors

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SAE A mount overhung load adaptors are designed for SAE A-sized motor interfaces and absorb stress to prevent premature pump shaft and motor failure.  Overhung load adaptors prevent contamination of hydraulic fluid in harsh environments by sealing out dirt, grime and other contaminants and help prevent costly maintenance and equipment downtime. They provide a sturdy mounting surface, can support heavy axial and radial loads, and permit the removal of hydraulic motors without disturbing gears and other mechanical components.

SAE A Overhung Load Adaptors for Hydraulic Motor Applications

Zero-Max SAE A overhung load adaptors are available in 2 bolt mount and 4 bolt mount options and feature rugged cast iron housings and 130,000 PSI stress proof steel shafts. Each SAE A OHLA model is available in several shaft options and feature either deep-grooved for standard applications or tapered roller bearings for heavy-duty applications.
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How to Select an Overhung Load Adaptor That Meets Your Specifications

SAE A OHLA are compatible with motors and shafts that meet SAE A size standards for bolt pattern and pilot diameter. When selecting an overhung load adaptor, you also need to consider the speed requirements of your application and whether you require standard or heavy-duty bearings.

Model 200 SAE A Mount Overhung Load Adaptors

Available in six models featuring an SAE A 2 bolt mount and deep-grooved ball bearings. Compatible with shafts up to 1” diameter and is offered in various input bore dimensions including 1” keyed, 5/8” keyed, 3/4” keyed and 9 tooth 16/32 spline. Features of the Model 200 SAE A OHLA include:
  • Accepts speeds up to 3800 RPM without modification
  • 0.125” pilot depth with optional deep pilot
  • Face or foot mounting

Model 300 SAE A Mount Overhung Load Adaptors

Offered in three SAE A OHLA models featuring large deep-grooved ball hearings and 2-bolt mount for heavy-duty applications. Offered with different input bore diameters of 1-1/4" keyed or 1-1/4" through-bore. Additional features include:
  • Accepts speeds up to 3100 RPM without modification
  • Larger bearings for heavy-duty applications
  • 0.125” pilot depth with optional deep pilot
  • Face or foot mounting

Model 500 SAE A Mount Overhung Load Adaptors

Model 500 SAE A overhung load adaptors are 4-bolt mount with tapered roller bearings for heavy duty applications. Offered in six input bore and output shaft dimensions of 1-1/4" keyed, 1"-6B spline or 14 tooth 12/24 spline to meet your application requirements.
  • Accepts speeds up to 2300 RPM without modification
  • Designed for heavy-duty bearing block applications
  • Can be tilted for use on 2 bolt mounts

Contact Us for Standard or Custom Overhung Load Adaptors

We offer SAE A overhung load adaptors in several configurations with an option to customize the OHLA based on your specific requirements. We also offer overhung load adaptors in SAE B-F mount and non-SAE mount options. Contact us to learn more or request a quote for the OHLA that meets your application requirements.