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Keyless Shaft Bushings

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Zero-Max’s ETP keyless bushings are the perfect locking devices for shaft-to-hub connections. ETP connections are ideal for positioning and locking shaft components in a system, and provide the best solution where keyways and tapers can weaken or cause excess wear to shaft couplings.

Our ETP keyless bushings also address applications for synchronizing moving parts. They enable precision mounting of shaft components where frequent readjustment is required, in systems where balance and runout are inherent problems, and where common fastening, adjusting, and holding of shaft components are required.

We offer ETP keyless locking devices that are designed to solve specific application requirements, such as high transmittable torque. Our ETP Classic and Express keyless bushings are available in stainless steel for corrosion protection and to handle frequent washdowns.

Proven Design. Easy To Use.

ETP keyless bushings feature double-walled sleeves and tightening mechanisms that form solid, continuous connections between shafts and hubs when tightened. See specific model information for complete operating instructions.

All our ETP keyless locking devices slide easily onto shafts, and securely lock in position on most shaft mounted motion control components. Disassembly is equally fast.

For more information on our low runout, ETP keyless shaft bushings, contact us or find your local sales representative.

  • ETP keyless bushings provide solid connections between shaft and hub, without stress or wear to mounted components. They eliminate keyways, tapers, and tapped holes which can cause component stress and wear due to fretting, corrosion, and backlash.
  • Mounting shaft components is easier, faster and more precise. All you need to do is mount, set in position, and lock the ETP Connection with a torque wrench.
  • Completely adjustable. Unlike keyways, which are non-adjustable, ETP keyless bushings are infinitely phase-adjustable, both radially and axially, making them more precise and easier to use.
  • Save space and material. Because our keyless bushings eliminate the need for milled keyways in shafts, smaller shafts can be used, thus saving space and material.
  • Reduce component wear and system downtime. ETP keyless bushings may be tightened and repositioned without wear and with minimum downtime.
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