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H-TLC Torque Limiters


The Intelligent Alternative to Friction-Type Torque Limiters.

The unique features in the Zero-Max H-TLC give the designer wider parameters in solving motion control problems.

Benefits include:

  • Durability
  • Dependability
  • Repeatability
  • Adjustable Torque Setting
  • Ability to Trigger Automatic Alarm and Shut-Down Systems

H-TLC Is Durable. The H-TLC torque limiter is designed for hostile environments. In many applications, a torque limiter may wait for months or years before it is required to disengage. During this time, the torque limiter may be subjected to moisture, corrosion, acids, salts or any number of other contaminants which inhibit the proper operation of the torque limiter and prevent disengagement.

The H-TLC will never rust because its major components are designed from special polymer materials that are resistant to water, salts, mild acids and most other contaminants. Even in temperatures from -40°F to +180°F (-40°C to +82°C), the H-TLC still withstands many corrosive elements and abuse.

H-TLC Is Dependable. It works on a spring loaded convex pin and detent design which reacts to overloads... but not to lubricants. Unlike friction-type designs, you can submerge an H-TLC in oil and still depend on precise disengagement at your design limits.

H-TLC Is Repeatable. Unlike friction-type torque limiters the H-TLC does not generate an amount of heat which can alter the transmittable torque. When a friction-type torque limiter disengages, it generates heat which often alters its disengagement characteristics.

The H-TLC’s resilient *Nylatron GS® and **Delrin® materials will not build up, or retain, the kind of heat unique to friction designs.

The Torque Setting Is Adjustable. If operating conditions require periodic changes in torque settings, the H-TLC gives you that ability. Simply adjust the unit’s external compression bolts until the desired new torque setting is reached.

The H-TLC Will Trigger Automatic Alarm and Shut-Down Systems. One of the H-TLC’s most important special features is its ingeniously simple and inexpensive actuating disc assembly. The optional actuating disc is used to provide a mechanical displacement that can be sensed and feed back into the machines PLC to initiate the proper response.

Multi or Single Position Re-Engagement. The H-TLC-500 has 4 re-engagement positions and the H-TLC-1000 has 6. If your application must maintain phase, you can order H-TLC with only one re-engagement point. The single position H-TLC torque limiters torque rating will vary from the catalog ratings (consult factory for torque range).


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