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Balancing Machines Utilize CD® Couplings From Zero-Max To Ensure Perfect Automotive Component Balancing

Dec 18, 2017

Plymouth, Minnesota: Balancing Machines incorporate pre-balanced CD® Couplings from Zero-Max to ensure perfect system performance. Pre-balancing aids the on-machine trim balancing at the time of assembly into the balance machine.

            CD Couplings are unique in design and can provide the ideal combination of operating characteristics that provide perfect automotive component balancing. Making this possible is the coupling’s proprietary Composite Disc pack which in this application is designed for high torsional stiffness. This unique flex element made of composite material makes it possible to have zero-backlash, high torsional stiffness and very low bearing loads all at the same time.

            In addition, specially sized and located holes are drilled and positioned on the CD Coupling’s hubs to easily add needed weight at the time of trim balancing the drive system on the machine. Zero-Max’s pre-balances these couplings at 4000 RPM so that only a fine tune balance is needed at the time of coupling assembly in the machine. Each coupling has a bright anodized finish for high visibility in the balancing system.

            Customized floating shaft CD couplings are an increasingly popular option for use in automation systems because of their robust design and torsional stiffness, reports Zero-Max officials. In addition to balancing systems for automotive components, they are widely used in printing, paper converting and packaging systems.

The technology of the Composite Disc design and the application acumen of Zero-Max engineers work together to provide a superior solution for the demanding needs of brake balancing and similar systems.

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