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New Zero-Max ServoClass® Brochure

Sep 25, 2017

Plymouth, Minnesota: Zero-Max’s new ServoClass® coupling brochure features an expanded line of 14 coupling sizes in Single and Double Disc models, giving designers more options when planning their motion systems. These couplings feature improved clamp style hubs for handling larger shafts and higher torque.

            Because today’s servomotor applications are more demanding than ever, this new Servo Class brochure is designed to make selecting the right coupling easier. ServoClass high performance couplings are designed to meet precision positioning requirements and high reverse-load characteristics of today’s servomotor applications. This brochure illustrates how the coupling’s low inertia design enhances motor performance, making higher system acceleration possible.

            This brochure explains the oscillation phenomena of servomotors and shows how to evaluate resonant frequency of a ball-screw system, which is an important consideration in the selection process of couplings.  A simple and helpful illustration and mathematical equation shows how the correct coupling can be selected to eliminate oscillation problems.

            ServoClass couplings feature zero-backlash, have an elegant, yet robust design, require no maintenance and are quick and easy to install. They are a better choice over beam or bellow style couplings. ServoClass couplings perform reliably in 24/7 servomotor applications. They reduce shock loads and prevent positioning errors. When the application cycle becomes faster, they outperform beam couplings, which are subject to wind up, and bellows couplings, which have a fragile design. Proof of their superiority is in their operating specifications contained in the new brochure.

            Operating speeds of up to 10,000 rpm, the 14 sizes in single and double disc models can handle torque ratings ranging from 0.5 to 250 Nm. All ServoClass couplings are lightweight and designed with 304 stainless steel disc packs and aluminum hubs and center members. All coupling materials are RoHS compliant. ServoClass couplings feature clamp style hubs with ISO 4762 CL12.9 corrosion resistant socket head caps screws on all models and sizes. 

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