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ServoClass® Couplings Feature Fail Safe Clamping Hubs

Mar 30, 2015

Plymouth, Minnesota: ServoClass Couplings from Zero-Max feature fail safe clamping hubs that provide maximum torque transmission in high speed applications. Without the use of keyways, ServoClass Couplings are designed, manufactured and tested to provide superior shaft engagement in servo motor applications at speeds up to 10,000 rpm.

ServoClass design features include precise 304 stainless steel disc members. These are aligned and locked precisely into position onto the high strength aluminum alloy hubs with ISO 4762 XL 12.9 corrosion resistant socket head cap screws. The coupling assembly process itself is controlled with a computerized torque control system for the most precise fit of all components.

Zero-Max ServoClass couplings are the preferred choice for system designers because they are ideal for precise positioning requirements and high speed reversing loads common in many servo motor systems. These applications include automation applications, packaging systems, semi-conductor assembly, laboratory automation, medical equipment and more.

Available in 12 sizes with both single and double disc models, ServoClass couplings handle torque ratings ranging from 0.5 to 250 Nm. ServoClass couplings can also accommodate parallel (radial), axial, and angular misalignments. All ServoClass Couplings are manufactured of RoHS compliant materials.

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