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News, Change The Phase Relationship Of A Drive Component And The Shaft Easily With The Phas-Lok™ From Zero-Max, Call 1-800-533-1731 For More Information

Sep 30, 2014

Plymouth, Minnesota: Now it’s easy to change the phase relationship of a drive component and the shaft with a Phas-Lok™ from Zero-Max.

Designed to reduce system downtime, these labor-saving devices eliminate the need to disconnect or remove drive components in order to reposition or re-synchronize drive components. They provide an accurate, mechanical adjustment with a 24° range (±12°) and compensate for required timing changes in a power transmission system.

When mounted in a system, the Phas-Lok acts as a dependable position control device. It is ideal for fine tuning timing adjustments including adjusting for chain elongation and sprocket tooth wear.
The Phas-Lok locks tightly and will not slip or loosen during equipment start up and shut down. Phase adjustment can be made quickly on the machine with accuracy using ordinary hand tools. No system disassembly is needed to make the phasing change.
The Phas-Lok is available in 3 sizes with bores ranging from ½ inch to 2-1/2 inches. Also available in metric bore sizes and with a variety of split taper bushings.
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