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Zero-Max Overhung Load Adaptors Now Available With Corrosion Protected Steel Shafts For Demanding Outdoor Hydraulic Applications – Call 1-800-533-1731 For Information

Jul 09, 2013

Plymouth, Minnesota: Corrosive operating environments are a constant challenge for system designers of hydraulic systems particularly in the seal area. When dealing with overhung loads, Zero-Max has an effective - field proven solution to extend a system’s operating life.

Overhung Load Adaptors are often used in severe operating environments and Zero-Max continually looks for new ways to maximize their operating life. Using an established process, Zero-Max is now offering as an option a highly effective corrosion resistant finish for the shafts of its Overhung Load Adaptors. This new finish not only has greater corrosion resistance, it also has improved wear characteristics. The process is ideal for Overhung Load Adaptors used in brick and block machinery, oil drilling equipment, mining equipment and vehicles, forestry machinery, marine equipment, and off-highway vehicles. This process is offered at a substantial savings when compared to stainless steel shafting.

Designed for either face or foot mounting, standard Overhung Load Adaptors are available in over 50 models with input bore sizes that range from 5/8 inch to 3-1/2 inch. SAE mounts available include A, B, C, D, E and F mounts with 2 or 4 bolt mounting flanges. Overhung Load Adaptors are available with many shaft variations including splined, threaded, tapered and extended output shafts, all now available with the special Zero-Max corrosion protection process. Special input bores and housing modifications are also available.

The corrosion protection shaft option is another addition to over 1300 custom designs offered by Zero-Max to meet new and unusual overhung load system requirements. These specials include custom inverted bearing designs and multiple lubrication ports that increase the Overhung Load Adaptor’s load capacity, bearing life and smooth system performance. Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards, Zero-Max Overhung Load Adaptors are ruggedly built with shafts precision machined from high quality 130,000 PSI Stress-proof steel. All custom Overhung Load Adaptor designs include a detailed CAD approval drawing submitted prior to manufacture.

In addition to the applications mentioned, Overhung Load Adaptors are used in workboats, recycling systems, forestry shredders, cold planers for road paving, industrial conveyor drives and many others where hydraulic systems require overhung load protection.

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