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Zero-Max Introduces ETP Hydropress – The Ideal Hydraulic Shaft Locking Bushing For Mounting Large Components In Tight Spaces – Call 1-800-533-1731 For More Information

Apr 17, 2013

Plymouth, Minnesota: ETP Hydropress from Zero-Max provides quick and precise fastening of components in tight spaces on large shafts from 80 to 200 mm diameter. Hydropress shaft bushings are ideal for locking into position gears, sprockets, pulleys and similar components in a machine’s power transmission system.

Handling torque ranges from 21,000 to 200,000 ft. lbs., ETP Hydropress bushings utilize hydraulic pressure contained in a double-walled sleeve to lock components into position on a shaft. Utilizing a grease pump for mounting, both radial and axial connection to the shaft is easily made. Once mounted and pressurized, the conical angle of the outer sleeve locks the device into position forming a very tight, continuous connection between the shaft and mounted component. The bushing aligns precisely without axial movement as it is pressurized.

Providing excellent concentricity to the mounted components, the Hydropress can be reset at different positions on the shaft without losing concentricity. Transmittable torque can be varied by altering the mounting pressure. A flange on the Hydropress has two valves – one for the pump connection and a pressure release valve for dismantling.

The unique ETP Hydropress design is superior to conventional mechanical locking bushings where numerous adjusting screws are needed. Tightening numerous screws creates axial movement of the bushing and is less precise.

Available in custom sizes and stainless steel, these ETP Hydropress bushings are a cost-effective choice for new and retrofit applications including food processing and packaging applications.

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