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New Size Single And Double Disc Couplings Added To Zero-Max ServoClass® Line – They Handle 5 To 14 mm Bore Diameters And Torque Up To 4 Nm – They’re Designed For Servo Motor Applications

Oct 05, 2012

Plymouth, Minnesota: A new Single and Double Disc coupling size has been added to the popular Zero-Max ServoClass® coupling line. The addition of the SD025R and SC025R models handle 5 to 14 mm bore diameters and torque up to 4 Nm. The new size gives designers even more options when planning their systems.

Providing high torsional stiffness, these new model ServoClass couplings are designed to handle high speed reversing loads and precise positioning requirements in today’s demanding servomotor applications at speeds up to 10,000 rpm.

Manufactured of RoHS compliant materials, these new ServoClass couplings are lightweight and are designed with 304 stainless steel disc packs and aluminum clamp style hubs and center members. To ensure precise alignment of the assembled components, ISO 4762 CL12.9 corrosion resistant socket head cap screws are utilized with a carefully controlled assembly process.

A total of twelve sizes of standard off-the-shelf ServoClass couplings are now available in both inch and metric bores. These couplings are ideal for applications including automation, packaging, semi-conductor assembly, laboratory automation, medical equipment and virtually any product that uses ball screws and servomotors.

“Zero-Max continues to answer the call for more sizes as the ServoClass coupling becomes the first choice of system designers,” reports Robert Mainz, Zero-Max sales manager. “They are the best option over beam or bellow style couplings because of their sleek and very robust design. They out-perform reliably in 24/7 servomotor applications.”