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Zero-Max Expands Online Access To Its 3D CAD Product Downloads With The Addition Of Firefox And Google Chrome Web Browser Support

Jun 01, 2012

Plymouth, Minnesota: Users of Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers now have fast and easy access to Zero-Max 3D CAD downloads for each of its motion control products.

Previously available only using Internet Explorer, the Zero-Max 3D CAD downloads now support the popular Firefox and Chrome web browsers which have grown rapidly in market share, approaching 40 percent.

Zero-Max product downloads have proven extremely helpful to design engineers when configuring a system because of the precision detail they provide. For example, when searching for the correct coupling to use in a system, Zero-Max downloads provide exact bore and keyway sizes. This allows the system designer to import the CAD model into a full assembly drawing with complete accuracy as to the coupling's size, fit and performance capabilities. It shortens the design cycle.

 "By broadening access to our 3D CAD product downloads, we are making it easier and faster for those who prefer working with Firefox and Chrome browsers," reports Robert Mainz, Zero-Max sales manager. "We have hundreds of engineers viewing and working with our CAD drawings every day. We will continue to upgrade our systems and products to make them the best in the motion control industry."

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, Zero-Max provides over 60 years experience solving motion control problems. The company is responsive by providing practical advice and predictable high quality products substantiated by this online access expansion.